Targeted communication

Whatever anyone says, at its heart marketing is still about communication and over the past 10 years email marketing has grown exponentially as a communication tool. Partner email with a targeted social media presence, and you have a recipe for success.

By focusing on relevant communication to a well-targeted audience you can really build awareness of your company and grow strong relationships which lead to solid business growth.

Joined-up marketing

Sure, we deliver effective, dynamic websites and powerful email and social media marketing programmes but we recognise these are the means, not the end.

Marketing is about meeting business objectives. BSA helps you do this by using great, cost-effective tools and a consistent, joined up approach to marketing

Professional websites

To be taken seriously in business today, you need a professional website that effectively communicates your brand message. To stay current, your site should be regularly updated so it delivers today's story, not that of the business when the site went live!

BSA delivers websites that are marketing tools. Easily updated and integrated with wider marketing strategy to deliver and support your business objectives.