Is your telemarketing joined-up?


Telemarketing is a communication tool. Note: A tool, not THE tool. It can be expensive to implement and, in my view, should only really be considered and used as part of a joined-up marketing approach. Good telemarketing is based on a pre-qualified target list then monitored and managed while the calls are being made. All as… Read more »

How joined up is your Lead Generation


On one level, business is all about putting money in the bank. To do this we need to turn prospects into customers. In many businesses, a key step in this process is finding people who are looking to buy – The generation of leads. A business’s approach to lead generation can take many forms, from the grab… Read more »

Using online quizzes to engage prospects


Quizzes are becoming more and more prominent in the online world. You only have to browse BuzzFeed for a few seconds before you come across one. Usually, they’re just a bit of fun. However, you can use them to engage prospects and generate leads. To be effective quizzes should follow 4 simple rules: Keep them light… Read more »

The importance of business credibility – part 1


I was talking with a number of consultants last week and we came to a common view: many SME businesses believe there is a simple answer to their business needs: More Enquiries and Sales! Certainly revenue (well, profitable revenue!) is vital but I often hear business owners talking about a cycle of feast and famine…. Read more »

Business Support Funding – A bit bureaucratic but can be worth it!


Free money available! Free money always sounds like a good deal in principle but maybe it is too good and is there a catch? Whatever your political views and allegiances for the past 20 years or more the Government (whatever the hue) has recognised to potential for the SME businesses to drive economic and employment growth… Read more »

Don’t forget the desktop


I have read a couple of statistics recently that made me think Firstly, as reported in the Wall Street Journal recently, in the age of mobile, the desktop is still an important force. And secondly, despite the fact that e-commerce is THE current fashion, in retailing 90% of revenues are still generated offline. In the age… Read more »

Jones Interiors

Background Established in 1909, Jones interiors is a well established family business supplying the trade within the field of interior design. However it was becoming increasingly apparent that the company was falling behind in terms of their communication with their marketplace. The Issues Though successful, with a strong visual style & brand, they were conscious… Read more »

How good is your business reputation?


The importance of reputation If you are interested in a new product or service, or a particular supplier or customer and want to find out more, what do you do? You visit Google. (other internet search engines are available!) The internet means that if you want to find out about pretty much anything, you can;… Read more »

Nigel Dunkerley – Battleground Tours

I always enjoy reading your Growth Matters column in the Glossop Chronicle and find it both informative and practically useful. As an owner of a relatively new business I am always looking for ways in which to market my business, get better rankings on google and the internet generally and your advice is always helpful…. Read more »