Funding for Growth


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN There have been a number of reports recently focusing on the issue of growth in the SME arena – i.e. businesses up to 250 employees First a few statistics (start of 2014): There are 5.2 million companies in the UK, and over 99%… Read more »

@BusinessPD – 1 month on

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No not a US Police Department! @BusinessPD is the Twitter account for Businesses in the Peak District. Over the past month, I have undertaken the running of this account. As a Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice, working with colleagues at BSA, Business Peak District has been the perfect opportunity for me to build experience… Read more »

UK SME income up 7.4%. But it should be double that!


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs to you and me!) are the powerhouse behind the UK economy. Regular pronouncements from the Government suggest that the country’s economic future is in our hands! I have read a couple of reports recently about the impact SMEs have on the UK economy, and they set me thinking. The first announced… Read more »

Put the MARKETING into your Twitter


Is your Twitter programme something that you do when you get a moment or is it an integrated element of your business marketing? Many people we speak to see Twitter (and other Social Media) as something they need to do in their business without really considering the impact on their business. They don’t really try… Read more »

It’s all about building the brand


A number of things have conspired over the last week or so to make me think carefully about what digital marketing is all about, and the realities of SME marketing & business development in the digital age. I think what got me thinking were discussions with various clients (all SMEs) about our work with them,… Read more »

I think I've found a use for a 3D printer!


Being a bit of a gadget fan, the idea of playing with a 3D printer is appealing, but so far, although I have seen them used for some interesting applications I feel the ‘means’ is justifying the ‘end’, rather than the other way around. Last week I saw this video for the first time and… Read more »

Marketing Engagement – The real figures might surprise you.


How many time have I heard it quoted: Oh, you should expect about a 1% response One percent has often been used as a convenient, and somewhat throwaway, response rate figure where people really don’t know what to expect. And anyway, how do you define response? Is it someone who reads your message (even though you… Read more »

New Year – New Plans – 5 ideas to move your business forward in 2015

Have you come back to work from the Christmas break inspired to take your business forward? For many people, New Year is a key time for reflection and planning but it is very easy to come back to work with the best of intentions only to find things slipping back into the same old routines as day… Read more »