How good is your business reputation?


The importance of reputation If you are interested in a new product or service, or a particular supplier or customer and want to find out more, what do you do? You visit Google. (other internet search engines are available!) The internet means that if you want to find out about pretty much anything, you can;… Read more »

A new career launched with the help of BSA Marketing

BSA Marketing was able to help me understand the best way to present my business. They took a personal interest in what I did. It mattered to them that I succeeded. They were generous with their time, and patient in explanations to my seemingly endless questions. they even supported me with the IT aspect of my presentation. It’s not only marketing. They know their stuff technically too.

Do you make the most of exhibitions?


Make no mistake exhibitions are expensive,  so why is it that many companies don’t make the most of exhibitions where they take space? This fact was brought home recently when we attended very typical trade show. We went with a shopping list. We wanted to buy, either on the day or once we had done our… Read more »

Networking in a joined-up marketing world

Joined-up marketing - Grow your business

I’ve been doing a fair bit of networking recently and had some interesting conversations about how people integrate networking into a joined-up marketing approach – or not! As a rule, people seem to take one of three approaches: Laid Back: Chat with people you happen to meet in the hope that opportunities might turn up…. Read more »

Don’t Forget the Trade Journals


In the age of digital, it is sometimes easy to forget the role of trade journals. Once the mainstay of Business to Business marketing, trade publications are still a valuable element in the marketing mix, and they can now be even easier to engage with. Trade Journals are always looking for good content Ultimately, most trade… Read more »

Email in the world of mobile marketing


  There is a lot of chatter around at the moment following Google’s announcement that they will be giving more priority to mobile-friendly websites in searches made from mobiles and tablets – not least from some web developers suggesting the dire consequences of not upgrading your site NOW! If you want our (hopefully pragmatic) view… Read more »

How Important is Mobile to my Business?

Over the past few weeks, the internet has been awash with stories ‘Mobileageddon‘ the impending doom that Google was about to rain down on business whose websites were not deemed to be mobile friendly. A week after last Tuesday, 21st April (when Google started to roll out the change),t he world is still here, and there do not… Read more »

Smartphone, The marketing assistant in your pocket.


  I could write of how important mobile phones are in business today and bang that old drum telling you to make the most of them. You understand mobiles are important and you know they can benefit the way you market your own business but perhaps you just need a few tips to help you… Read more »

Unblock the blockage with email


I was recently in one of our regular quarterly planning meetings with a client when they told me about an event that really demonstrates the power of email as a tool to help you get a response and unblock the blockage.  It also reminded me of a tip I gave a while ago. Here’s the story: Background… Read more »