Email in the world of mobile marketing


  There is a lot of chatter around at the moment following Google’s announcement that they will be giving more priority to mobile-friendly websites in searches made from mobiles and tablets – not least from some web developers suggesting the dire consequences of not upgrading your site NOW! If you want our (hopefully pragmatic) view… Read more »

How Important is Mobile to my Business?

Over the past few weeks, the internet has been awash with stories ‘Mobileageddon‘ the impending doom that Google was about to rain down on business whose websites were not deemed to be mobile friendly. A week after last Tuesday, 21st April (when Google started to roll out the change),t he world is still here, and there do not… Read more »

Smartphone, The marketing assistant in your pocket.


  I could write of how important mobile phones are in business today and bang that old drum telling you to make the most of them. You understand mobiles are important and you know they can benefit the way you market your own business but perhaps you just need a few tips to help you… Read more »

Unblock the blockage with email


I was recently in one of our regular quarterly planning meetings with a client when they told me about an event that really demonstrates the power of email as a tool to help you get a response and unblock the blockage.  It also reminded me of a tip I gave a while ago. Here’s the story: Background… Read more »

If I could turn back time!


I always love the e-mails that sometimes arrive “Recalling” a previous message. The fact is that once an email has been sent, it is out there and can not be retrieved. Because of this, get it right first time is an essential part of e-mail marketing, and the key to this is testing. I can… Read more »

Front and Substance


E-consultancy posted an interview with Mark Wright the winner of the last apprentice series, and it got me thinking about Front and Substance when it comes to digital marketing, as I think that his business is no different from a lot of digital marketing agencies. In my view there are 2 aspects to marketing “Front” and… Read more »

Same Message, Different Media

Digital Marketing is all about content, and there are 2 things of which you can be certain: You can never have too much content Different people will consume content in different ways If you accept this, then here is a way to kill both those birds. Here is a post I wrote a few weeks… Read more »

The 3 Pillars of Digital Marketing


There is a lot of hype around the subject of digital marketing, but like most things, when the hype is stripped away, it is all pretty straightforward. In reality, there are 3 vital components of any digital marketing: Content Email Social Media Together these can be used to create a sustainable, joined-up brand development strategy…. Read more »

Keep your marketing content flowing

What is the biggest barrier to sustained, effective content marketing? Cost? Time? Commitment? I reckon it’s something else…. Sure, all of these are important but in my experience, none is the biggest barrier. While most businesses can come up with content when they first start their marketing, it’s after a few weeks of sustained engagement with customers… Read more »