Email in the world of mobile marketing


  There is a lot of chatter around at the moment following Google’s announcement that they will be giving more priority to mobile-friendly websites in searches made from mobiles and tablets – not least from some web developers suggesting the dire consequences of not upgrading your site NOW! If you want our (hopefully pragmatic) view… Read more »

Unblock the blockage with email


I was recently in one of our regular quarterly planning meetings with a client when they told me about an event that really demonstrates the power of email as a tool to help you get a response and unblock the blockage.  It also reminded me of a tip I gave a while ago. Here’s the story: Background… Read more »

Social Media or Email Marketing?


Social Media + Email Marketing. A marriage made in heaven or a marriage of convenience? At their most basic, both email and social media are simply communication channels through which you can contact your audience. How we use them is key and there is no question that used together, the results can be greater than the… Read more »

16 most important email marketing KPIs for your business – or is that 3?


In many small businesses, the concept of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can seem a little grand. It is one of those business terms that get bandied about when someone is trying to blind you with science – and normally trying to sell you something they insist you need (but actually you probably don’t!) In my view,… Read more »

Exporting email addresses from your Outlook inbox


Building an email contact database can be a real stumbling block for companies wanting to explore joined-up email marketing. Most people have their contacts in Outlook though often email addresses are tucked away in emails in the inbox. It is possible to use Outlook to send emails to a database but it is far from… Read more »

Email background images made simple


With the wide number of programmes and email clients that your subscribers may be using to view emails, there are some aspects of layout, common in web design, that can not normally be used in the laying out of email. These include the use of email background images, although simple to implement in html, not all email programmes handle… Read more »

Email Marketing Statistics – 2014 Report out now.


How do your response rates stack up? I spoke to a client this morning who had recently sent out his first-ever e-newsletter. When the conversation turned to email marketing statistics he told me that he had received direct replies from around 20% of the list. I said “That’s brilliant”. His response: “Is it?”   There… Read more »

5 Email statistics you should monitor in 2014

One of the great things about using email as a marketing tool is the level of feedback you can get from your activity. Use a good emailing system, and you will be rewarded with high levels of feedback from your activities. But which numbers should you focus on, and what do they mean? To kick… Read more »

Home Hat or Work Hat? Which Social Media to use?


Clients regularly ask us whether they should be using Social Media more widely in their marketing and, if so, which social media? There are many companies promoting one Social Media platform or another as the ‘must have‘ marketing tool and while you can’t deny this in principle, you need to be thinking in terms of your customers… Read more »