Email background images made simple


With the wide number of programmes and email clients that your subscribers may be using to view emails, there are some aspects of layout, common in web design, that can not normally be used in the laying out of email. These include the use of email background images, although simple to implement in html, not all email programmes handle… Read more »

PDF to Excel converter

It’s a while since we have highlighted a useful tool, but I had need to convert a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet this week, and realised that it would be good to share the tool we use for the job. I used the PDF to Excel converter from Although they do offer a desktop system… Read more »

Social Media Image Sizing – A Definitive Guide


Getting the graphics & profile pictures right on social media profiles is key to presenting the right image, but they are all different, and with the advent of cross platform content, getting the correct specs for these images is not as straightforward as it used to be! With this in mind, when the following infographic… Read more »

LinkedIn stats just got a whole lot better


LinkedIn can be a great tool for promoting your company but historically the stats provided by the network were very limited. With LinkedIn stats, not any more! Introducing LinkedIn Stats A recent LinkedIn update has introduced a whole new set of statistics for measuring engagement on your company page. On Page Stats The LinkedIn company… Read more »

The importance of building a contact database – 6 Tips


On the home page of this website we say: You are an EXPERT in your field… ….Make sure your customers and prospects know it…and remember it! The majority of our clients recognised the issue, they simply didn’t keep in touch with the people they know, allowing potential future business to slip through the net. Yet… Read more »

Networking in a joined-up marketing world

Joined-up marketing - Grow your business

I’ve been doing a fair bit of networking recently and had some interesting conversations about how people integrate networking into a joined-up marketing approach – or not! As a rule, people seem to take one of three approaches: Laid Back: Chat with people you happen to meet in the hope that opportunities might turn up…. Read more »

6 tips for a joined-up web presence


I’ve been doing a fair bit of networking recently meeting many interesting people. Now, I’m of the view that networking is about building contacts and relationships rather than direct selling but, with the BSA focus on joined-up marketing it would be wrong of me to network in isolation – networking is just a tool in… Read more »