Is your telemarketing joined-up?


Telemarketing is a communication tool. Note: A tool, not THE tool. It can be expensive to implement and, in my view, should only really be considered and used as part of a joined-up marketing approach. Good telemarketing is based on a pre-qualified target list then monitored and managed while the calls are being made. All as… Read more »

The importance of business credibility – part 1


I was talking with a number of consultants last week and we came to a common view: many SME businesses believe there is a simple answer to their business needs: More Enquiries and Sales! Certainly revenue (well, profitable revenue!) is vital but I often hear business owners talking about a cycle of feast and famine…. Read more »

Front and Substance


E-consultancy posted an interview with Mark Wright the winner of the last apprentice series, and it got me thinking about Front and Substance when it comes to digital marketing, as I think that his business is no different from a lot of digital marketing agencies. In my view there are 2 aspects to marketing “Front” and… Read more »

SEO – The longest death scene in history

The death of SEO has been reported many times over the past few years. These reports are normally closely followed by more comment stating that SEO is not dead, progressing then to say that SEO is alive & kicking, it has just evolved. The latest article appeared on the Econsultancy blog this week: SEO is not dead, but… Read more »

Case Study – Twitter follower development


Activity. In my opinion, that’s the key to a successful Twitter account. This doesn’t mean that spouting random and unrelated drivel delivers good followers and good engagement. Any increase in activity will attract both followers and engagement, but it won’t be useful to you or your business. Rather 10 relevant followers that add value than 100… Read more »

@BusinessPD – 1 month on

graph 1

No not a US Police Department! @BusinessPD is the Twitter account for Businesses in the Peak District. Over the past month, I have undertaken the running of this account. As a Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprentice, working with colleagues at BSA, Business Peak District has been the perfect opportunity for me to build experience… Read more »

Put the MARKETING into your Twitter


Is your Twitter programme something that you do when you get a moment or is it an integrated element of your business marketing? Many people we speak to see Twitter (and other Social Media) as something they need to do in their business without really considering the impact on their business. They don’t really try… Read more »

It’s all about building the brand


A number of things have conspired over the last week or so to make me think carefully about what digital marketing is all about, and the realities of SME marketing & business development in the digital age. I think what got me thinking were discussions with various clients (all SMEs) about our work with them,… Read more »