Don’t Forget the Trade Journals


In the age of digital, it is sometimes easy to forget the role of trade journals. Once the mainstay of Business to Business marketing, trade publications are still a valuable element in the marketing mix, and they can now be even easier to engage with. Trade Journals are always looking for good content Ultimately, most trade… Read more »

The 3 Pillars of Digital Marketing


There is a lot of hype around the subject of digital marketing, but like most things, when the hype is stripped away, it is all pretty straightforward. In reality, there are 3 vital components of any digital marketing: Content Email Social Media Together these can be used to create a sustainable, joined-up brand development strategy…. Read more »

Case Study – Twitter follower development


Activity. In my opinion, that’s the key to a successful Twitter account. This doesn’t mean that spouting random and unrelated drivel delivers good followers and good engagement. Any increase in activity will attract both followers and engagement, but it won’t be useful to you or your business. Rather 10 relevant followers that add value than 100… Read more »

Put the MARKETING into your Twitter


Is your Twitter programme something that you do when you get a moment or is it an integrated element of your business marketing? Many people we speak to see Twitter (and other Social Media) as something they need to do in their business without really considering the impact on their business. They don’t really try… Read more »

Social Media or Email Marketing?


Social Media + Email Marketing. A marriage made in heaven or a marriage of convenience? At their most basic, both email and social media are simply communication channels through which you can contact your audience. How we use them is key and there is no question that used together, the results can be greater than the… Read more »

Developing a healthy Twitter strategy – Part 2 – What to Tweet


So you now have a growing follower base, how do you: Keep them Enhance your profile with these people The answer to both of these questions lies in the same point. Twitter users follow and engage with people who they believe have something valuable to say. Look at the top 10 Twitter accounts in terms… Read more »

Developing a healthy Twitter strategy – Part 1 – Building your follower base


Twitter is a great tool for getting your message out there, and not just for celebrities and big brands. Increasingly, Twitter is being used by SMEs as part of their brand development strategy. When looking at building a strategy, one of the first questions we would ask is: What is your objective? The easy answer to… Read more »

Joined-up Marketing – The Social Angle, Part 4 – LinkedIn Groups


In Part 3 of this series we explored the process of building your network of individual connections. With individual connections you are limited in that you can really only connect with your connections connections (if you see what I mean!) but what if you want to explore a new area or make contacts in a specific company… Read more »