New Year – New Plans – 5 ideas to move your business forward in 2015

Have you come back to work from the Christmas break inspired to take your business forward? For many people, New Year is a key time for reflection and planning but it is very easy to come back to work with the best of intentions only to find things slipping back into the same old routines as day… Read more »

Secure Web Pages (HTTPS://) – They're for E-commerce, aren't they?


You probably know that whenever you shop online you should always look for the little padlock  on the address bar. This shows (along with the URL starting HTTPS:// rather than more usual HTTP://) that the web page you are browsing is secure, it is encrypted using an SSL Certificate to prevent anyone intercepting information on… Read more »

Prioritise your time – What should I do next?


Some days I come into the office to be faced with a to-do list as long as my arm! When it’s like this, it is so easy to waste even more time just sitting there, like a rabbit in the headlights, just trying to decide what to do first. I have a technique to deal… Read more »

Joined-up Marketing – The Social Angle, Part 2 – LinkedIn Content


In Business to Business marketing, LinkedIn is one of the must have social media platforms. Although it was primarily used as a recruitment tool early in its existence, LinkedIn is increasingly being used by people in their day to day professional lives. Having already covered setting up profiles on LinkedIn for both yourself and your… Read more »

Exporting email addresses from your Outlook inbox


Building an email contact database can be a real stumbling block for companies wanting to explore joined-up email marketing. Most people have their contacts in Outlook though often email addresses are tucked away in emails in the inbox. It is possible to use Outlook to send emails to a database but it is far from… Read more »

5 Steps to relevant, attractive content


If you read these pages regularly, you’ll know I am a great fan of regular new content on a website. New, relevant content keeps your site interesting and dynamic, which is also good news for Google. This said, writing new content is one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by most businesses. It is expensive and time consuming… Read more »

Email background images made simple


With the wide number of programmes and email clients that your subscribers may be using to view emails, there are some aspects of layout, common in web design, that can not normally be used in the laying out of email. These include the use of email background images, although simple to implement in html, not all email programmes handle… Read more »