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Flip Book from BSA a great way to display online documents

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Printed brochures have been key marketing tools for years but increasingly people are looking at the cost of print – and the fact that these days brochures are often out of date the moment they are printed.

There is no question that sometimes a printed brochure is still the best option but having your brochures available to download from your website – or to give to customers via email, or on a memory stick – gives more options to both you and your customers and can mean you need a significantly smaller (and cheaper!) print run. Furthermore, online brochures can be easily and quickly updated.

When it comes to holding brochures online for download, PDF is becoming and increasingly universal format. PDFs are very stable. They display consistently across different browsers and platforms.

Unless your PDF document is only 1 or 2 pages, the main issue is readability layout which can make it more difficult for readers to browse your document. This is less convenient for them and less professional for you.

The PDF Flip-Book is an emerging technology which takes a PDF  document and gives it the presentation of a printed brochure. Here are links to a few examples:

Magazine Flip Book

Brochure Flip Book

Technical Flip Book


You can buy software to create flip books yourself but, unless you plan to do a lot, this can be expensive. The other thing to watch out for is that as Flip Books normally use Flash, there can be problems displaying them on iPads and iPhones.

BSA offers a service to create Flip Books for you. You supply us with a PDF version of your document which we convert and supply back to you with a complete, ready to go, package of files ready for you to add to your website – or we can hpost your online documents as well if you wish. Get in touch to find out more

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