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Following on from our post about using the ‘Cloud’ for backup, there are other ways you can use the ‘Cloud’ and see for yourself how incredibly useful it can be – and best of all, it is FREE.

It is rare now that everyone you work with is in the same building and o the same computer network, so it is likely that you will need to collaborate with others at a distance. You may even want to share files between work and home – or elsewhere. The ‘Cloud’ is a great place to do this.

Although email can a useful tool in this process, it can become less effective when you want to share large files or where you end up with multiple copies of the same files with different people working on different copies – not great!

Enter Dropbox. This is a simple, secure and FREE tool for storing and sharing files using the ‘Cloud’. Sign up for an account, and you get 2GB of online storage where you can securely save files that you can access from any internet-connected computer, tablet or even smartphone.

Even better, you can install a Dropbox client on your PC/Tablet/Smartphone and any file you add to your Dropbox will automatically sync across each client so files are available everywhere even when you aren’t online. Update files and again the updates sync automatically (this will happen straight away if you are online or, if not, updatse and new files will be remembered and synced as soon as an internet connection is available)

You can also create separate folders within your Dropbox and share individual folders with your remote colleagues. No more emailing files and trying to remember which is the most up to date version. What’s more, the initial 2GB is free for life and you don’t need to give any card details to sign up. (You can access more space for a fee though most people will find the free space is plenty for their needs).

25% Extra FREE Dropbox space

Sign up for drop box via this link, and you will get an additional 500mb of space free. You can store a lot in 2.5GB!  Sign up now. There is no cost and no long term commitment. You can use your space as much or as little as you wish. What have you got to lose?

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