Managing Multiple Social Media Profiles

For a while now, we have been encouraging people to make more use of social media in their marketing mix, but doing this can become an administration headache when you are trying to manage multiple profiles all with slightly different target markets & user profiles. With this in mind, we thought it worth devoting a… Read more »

QR Codes, a great way to link your online and offline marketing

Question What are those strange black and white squares that seem to be cropping up everywhere? Answer QR Codes… By including a QR code on your leaflets, brochures, posters etc. you can give your customers easy, instant access to your website and other online marketing. QR codes were invented in  the mid 90’s, and were… Read more »

When planning an email campaign… Don’t forget the mobile.

Ever since the advent of email as a marketing tool, and the use of HTML to include images, logos and layout, it has been an issue that the many different email clients – from Outlook and Mac Mail to Hotmail and Gmail – render (display) your carefully designed message differently with sometimes drastic consequences as… Read more »

The Growth of the Mobile Internet

When you look at any technology news you can hardly fail to notice the massive growth in smartphones and tablet PCs, led at present by Apple with the iPhone and iPad. The fact that mobile browsing of websites is on the increase should not come as a surprise, and preparing your website for this kind… Read more »