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IKEA 2015 Catalogue – When joined up goes wrong

Even the big boys get it wrong sometimes! In their 2015 Catalogue launch project, IKEA (or their creatives: BBH) came up with a great concept. The initial advert (which I might say should definitely be appearing on the awards circuits … Continue reading

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Joined-up Marketing – The Social Angle

Everyone who reads our blog regularly will know that we are all about joined-up marketing.  It is about using all the appropriate tools available to communicate your story and proposition to your target market in a consistent way that increases … Continue reading

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Exporting email addresses from your Outlook inbox

Building an e-mail contact database can be a real stumbling block for companies wanting to explore joined-up e-mail marketing. Most people have their contacts in Outlook though often email addresses are tucked away in e-mails in the inbox. It is … Continue reading

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Does your web content marketing generate leads? Here are 3 rules to help ensure it does

Lead generation through content marketing is like going to Siberia. Everyone knows where it is but only a few manage to get there and even less survive. This said, content marketing is the ‘in thing’ among Business to Business (B2B) marketers … Continue reading

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What a difference a word makes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Content is king! Good content is key to making your website engaging, yet many people struggle to maintain a regular content flow. One trap that writers sometimes fall into is to … Continue reading

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GrowthAccelerator helps boost Manufacturers

New figures from GrowthAccelerator are giving really positive indicators with manufacturers supported by the GA programme forecasting an average growth of 40% for 2014. This high growth is coming from businesses both new and established; over half (55%) of the 903 … Continue reading

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5 Steps to relevant, attractive content

If you read these pages regularly, you’ll know I am a great fan of regular new content on a website. New, relevant content keeps your site interesting and dynamic, which is also good news for Google. This said, writing new content is one … Continue reading

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Business Development Platform 3 – Getting Out There#1 – Lead Generation

3. Getting Out There#1 – Lead Generation So far in this series we have talked about understanding your business development process and establishing a clear business proposition which demonstrates real benefit you can deliver to your target market. The next … Continue reading

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Connecting Office for iPad to Dropbox

Last week, we wrote a review of Office for iPad, and highlighted the lack of integration with Dropbox as one of the issues with the new app. Well, I am happy to announce that I have found a work around … Continue reading

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Office for iPad is here at last!

If you are an iPad user, and use MS Office on your desktop, then up until now you have had no choice but to find an alternative to Word Excel & Powerpoint when on the move. Whilst there are some … Continue reading

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