SEO V Social Media to Deliver Well Targeted Traffic


Last Month we wrote a post about a web marketing experiment: SEO and its effectiveness in delivering good quality traffic to a website. The outcome was interesting but somewhat lacklustre. Suggesting that SEO might not be the magic wand ‘NBIT’ some people make it out to be is all well and good; but what are… Read more »

Internet Marketing for SMEs: Step 1 – Forget about the Internet!


I recently sat in on a 30 minute seminar targeted at an audience of SMEs entitled “On-line Marketing”. Although I have to acknowledge that that is a tough brief, delivering such a broad subject in just  half an hour, the presentation was somewhat underwhelming! The presenter ticked the usual boxes: Engage your audience Get found… Read more »

Following up sales leads by email – Mistake or smart move?


I recently read a post on Although I tend to agree with much of the stuff I read around internet marketing; in this case, not so much! The basic premise of the post is this: If you are sending emails to keep in touch with a prospective customer, DON’T! You should call them.  If… Read more »

Is Facebook right for your business?


A few years ago, we took the decision to close down our facebook page, and this decision came up in conversation with a client recently while discussing the role of Facebook  in a marketing plan. When asking the question “Is Facebook right for your business?” , the answer lies behind a second question “What is… Read more »

Well-targeted, relevant email marketing works

There is a website on the internet that sells bulk emailing lists. One of their offerings is a list of Architects email addresses – 21000 unique addresses for less than £500! By way of comparison another site will rent you a list of 12000 architects email addresses for £3000. Just goes to show how wide… Read more »

Strategic partnership reinforces joined-up marketing approach

We have always said that the best marketing is a joined-up process rather than an isolated event and a new development at BSA Marketing helps us to make our services more joined-up than ever. We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Pay Per Click specialists Orange Tree… Read more »

Email Marketing – What Results Should I Expect?

One question we regularly get asked by clients is “When I send an email, what results should I expect?”.  Although it is a complex question, and the answer depends on a number of factors, we thought it would be worth sharing our experience on the subject. Firstly, and following on from my last post, I… Read more »

Email Marketing Lists – The Options

We have talked a lot in this blog over the months about where to source email marketing lists, and have always suggested that the BEST source of lists is those people who already know you, and this is still our advice re best practice. But when is it legitimate to use bought/rented lists? Most people… Read more »

Pinterest – The Next Great Marketing Tool?


Many of you may have become aware of a new social media site that has been getting a lot of press recently. The site is called Pinterest and aims to allow you to create a virtual Pin board of sites that you find interesting. It then has the usual social media functionality allowing you to… Read more »

Top Tips for post-summer marketing

The holidays are over! It never ceases to intrigue me how all things business wake up in September. It can be so frustrating trying to get decisions made during the summer yet as soon as the August Bank Holiday is past and children are back at school, suddenly things start to happen! With people actively… Read more »