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How secure is your on-line brand?

A couple of incidents recently have caused me to ask the question, How secure is your on-line brand? and it’s is one you should be asking too. In many cases you may find that it is not be as secure … Continue reading

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16 most important email marketing KPIs for your business – or is that 3?

In many small businesses, the concept of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can seem a little grand. It is one of those business terms that get bandied about when someone is trying to blind you with science – and normally trying to … Continue reading

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Joined up Marketing – The Social Angle, Part 3 – LinkedIn Connections

In Part 2 of this series we looked at adding content to you LinkedIn profile and getting involved in LinkedIn Groups. We now look at the next stage of the process – building your network of connections. Naturally, the more … Continue reading

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Prioritise your time – What should I do next?

Some days I come into the office to be faced with a to-do list as long as my arm! When it’s like this, it is so easy to waste even more time just sitting there, like a rabbit in the … Continue reading

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Joined up Marketing – The Social Angle, Part 2 – LinkedIn Content

In Business to Business marketing, LinkedIn is one of the must have social media platforms. Although it was primarily used as a recruitment tool early in its existence, LinkedIn is increasingly being used used by people in their day to day … Continue reading

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LinkedIn launch University Rankings

I’m not sure whether this new offering from LinkedIn is actually useful for most of us, but it certainly makes interesting reading. It is also yet another example, in this world of ‘Big Data’, of how when a lot of … Continue reading

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Marketing Matters on Flipboard

A while ago we wrote a blog article about Flipboard, an app available for iOS, Android and Windows, that allows you to read multiple digital magazines on your mobile devices, and effectively create your own magazine with your favourite content. … Continue reading

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IKEA 2015 Catalogue – When joined up goes wrong

Even the big boys get it wrong sometimes! In their 2015 Catalogue launch project, IKEA (or their creatives: BBH) came up with a great concept. The initial advert (which I might say should definitely be appearing on the awards circuits … Continue reading

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Joined-up Marketing – The Social Angle

Everyone who reads our blog regularly will know that we are all about joined-up marketing.  It is about using all the appropriate tools available to communicate your story and proposition to your target market in a consistent way that increases … Continue reading

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Exporting email addresses from your Outlook inbox

Building an e-mail contact database can be a real stumbling block for companies wanting to explore joined-up e-mail marketing. Most people have their contacts in Outlook though often email addresses are tucked away in e-mails in the inbox. It is … Continue reading

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