Does email marketing work? Yes it does

There is plenty of information out there about email marketing, and how it can improve ROI, but there are few straightforward facts on the effectiveness of email in the real world. To address this, we have put together a case study on how BSA are using email marketing to help one of our clients secure… Read more »

Is SEO an individual or team event?

Sorry, but in this Olympics week I had to get the sporting reference in there somewhere! It is also a very valid question, and one that was raised recently in a post  on the e-consultancy website “Will Panda kill the freelance SEO star?” They are not saying that SEO is no longer valid, but more… Read more »

Is SEO a Science? Yes, probably; but is this the right question?


“Is SEO a Science”? I saw this post on the E-Consultancy Blog this morning. They think the answer is YES – this got me thinking. I have to say I do agree with most of their argument and particularly like their analogy that studying SEO is like studying Physics. They do miss one major difference… Read more »

Say Goodbye to the Keywords Meta tag?


We all know that metatags are an important part of on page SEO, but a couple of  clients have recently asked questions that suggested it may be worth revisiting this subject, in particular relating to the Keywords metatag. There is no question that the Title and Description tags are vital for a well optimised webpage…. Read more »

Make your search listings stand out

“Be Heard… …Be Valued” is our motto. Enhance your value by becoming recognised as an expert in your field. There is an established marketing adage that “People buy from People“, so ensuring that your name is connected to relevant content is a great opportunity. Here’s the good news! Google has made this easier by bringing… Read more »

Google changes reward high quality, up to date web content

Anyone who has interest in SEO, will know that Google has the habit of regularly throwing the cat among the pigeons by updating its algorithm to change the way it indexes pages. Well they have been at it again. Earlier this month with an update nicknamed “Freshness“, and earlier in the year with a second… Read more »

Optimising blog and email titles – 65 characters max is the goal!

This is according to a recent post on the e-consultancy blog anyway, and if you read the article it does make a lot of sense. The objective of a title, whether on an email, blog post or web page, is to get your content noticed. By search engines By people scanning their email inbox By… Read more »

Top 5 Bad Marketing Ideas


We are always trying to bring you good ideas and tips to support your marketing efforts, but I thought it would be interesting to take a different tack and present some bad ideas (or marketing ideas that you may be encouraged to take up!) that we would recommend avoiding. The inspiration for this came from… Read more »

Is Google +1 yet another nail in the coffin of traditional SEO?

Over the past few months, Google have been rolling out their +1 button on search results and websites. The button allows users to “vote” for which sites and results in Google search they find useful. For a while now, Google have been talking about how they want to factor social interaction into their search results. It… Read more »