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Do you make the most of exhibitions?

Make no mistake exhibitions are expensive,  so why is it that many companies don’t make the most of exhibitions where they take space. This fact was brought home recently when we attended very typical trade show. We went with a shopping … Continue reading

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Why do marketing? To find orders or find customers?

If you are in business, you do marketing. You may not admit it, or even realise it but trust me, you do! Every interaction with customers and potential customers leaves an impression about your business – and that is marketing! … Continue reading

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Development of Mobile Websites

  2 years ago, we did a survey looking at how people expected the use of mobile to access websites would change in the future, and the overwhelming response was that they believed mobile and the development of mobile websites … Continue reading

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BSA marks 30 year milestone

It’s a bit scary to think about it but this month, BSA celebrates it’s 30th birthday. We are a very different business to what we were in May 1984 with a small rented office in Manchester City centre. PCs were … Continue reading

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Planning or Action – Why not both?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of networking recently and, perhaps not surprising, there are a good number of other marketing services suppliers out there offering their skills to the SME marketplace. Talking to lots of them, they generally seem … Continue reading

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Do you keep in touch with your contacts? If not, you should…

I know ‘keeping in touch’ is at the heart of our business but it never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t! Over the past few weeks I’ve been asking the direct question to people I meet: “Do you … Continue reading

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Is your website a substantial website?

Why are so many websites only skin deep? Your site is your shop window – whatever your business your website should be substantial. Prospective customers WILL look at it. What does it show them about your business? Does it show that your … Continue reading

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E-mail background images made simple

With the wide number of programmes and e-mail clients that your subscribers may be using to view e-mails, there are some aspects of layout, common in web design, that can not normally be used in the laying out of e-mail. These include the use … Continue reading

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Do people read e-newsletters?

In the last post we looked at how to ensure that your marketing is sustainable, and the issue of just keeping it going, never mind looking at whether it is doing any good! In talking to clients one issue they … Continue reading

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SME Marketing Series – Sustainable Marketing, Keeping it Going

If you have been following our SME Marketing series over the past couple of months you should have a great framework for a joined up approach to your marketing. However, the biggest battle is now to come. How do you keep the … Continue reading

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