Guest Blogging – What is it and is it a good on-line marketing practice?


Guest Blogging is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, and we have had a couple of clients asking about it as a marketing tool, so I thought it would be worth a post. First of all, what is guest blogging? Put simply it is the practice of getting websites other than your… Read more »

Video web content need not cost the earth.


There is no doubt, video is becoming a must-have medium for marketing communication in the digital age. Not only is video a great, engaging way to get your message across, with the prevalence of video in Google’s listings, it also has real search benefits. Speaking to clients, 2 common comments we get are: Producing my… Read more »

Internet Marketing for SMEs: Step 1 – Forget about the Internet!


I recently sat in on a 30 minute seminar targeted at an audience of SMEs entitled “On-line Marketing”. Although I have to acknowledge that that is a tough brief, delivering such a broad subject in just  half an hour, the presentation was somewhat underwhelming! The presenter ticked the usual boxes: Engage your audience Get found… Read more »

Let's start talking about effective/non effective SEO?


I came across this post on the SEOMOZ site this week, that I thought would be worth sharing. It looks at the issues surrounding good and bad SEO, and I think it makes some very good points,  suggesting that the discussion needs to move from “Ethical/Non ethical” to “Effective/Non effective SEO techniques. It also suggests… Read more »

Joined-up Marketing – a better way to drive web traffic? – Part 2 – Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch – the ‘Tap on the Shoulder’ In part 1 of this series we looked at Search Engine Optimisation and the fact that despite so many businesses focusing their web-marketing strategy on getting page one rankings on Google rather than also looking at the value of keeping in touch. The Problem 1. Are… Read more »

Developing a Strategy for SEO that works

Anyone who reads these posts regularly will know that we have an uneasy relationship with SEO. We firmly believe that SEO needs to be a central part of any joined-up web marketing strategy, and although we love SEO that works, we take issue with the idea that it is a marketing magic wand, and the… Read more »

Google introduces a 'Disavow Links' tool

Disavow Linx - Sorry I couldn't resist it!

We have always warned against some of the “Get your site to the top of Google” SEO offers, and this week saw an example as why this advice is sound. One of the ways that less reputable SEO companies have worked their “magic” in recent years has been to build vast networks of links to… Read more »

Joined-up Marketing – a better way to drive web traffic? – Part 1 – The SEO problem

There is no question that having a website which effectively and clearly says what you offer is a vital tool for any business. This said, the best website only has marketing value if people visit it. For several years now, Search Engine Optimisation has been touted as the route of choice to grow website traffic… Read more »

The Role of 'SEO' in Joined-up Marketing


Over the last couple of posts we may be accused of having a go at the SEO industry, suggesting that spending time optimising your site so it can be found on search engines is a waste of resources. Since over 70% of traffic is still driven from search engines, this would obviously be a strange… Read more »

Does email marketing work? Yes it does

There is plenty of information out there about email marketing, and how it can improve ROI, but there are few straightforward facts on the effectiveness of email in the real world. To address this, we have put together a case study on how BSA are using email marketing to help one of our clients secure… Read more »