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3 Social Media trends from 2014 plus 3 predictions for 2015.

Trends come and go, what was popular in March is soon forgotten about come May but always comes back round eventually to be just as important once more. In this piece I discuss some Social Media business trends that were … Continue reading

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I think I’ve found a use for a 3D printer!

Being a bit of a gadget fan, the idea of playing with a 3D printer is appealing, but so far, although I have seen them used for some interesting applications I feel the ‘means’ is justifying the ‘end’, rather than … Continue reading

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Marketing Engagement – The real figures might surprise you.

How many time have I heard it quoted: Oh, you should expect about a 1% response One percent has often been used as a convenient, and somewhat throwaway, response rate figure where people really don’t know what to expect. And anyway, … Continue reading

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My first week as a Social Media Apprentice.

“What’s Social Media?” That’s the question my Grandmother asked me when I got the job as a Social Media Apprentice at BSA Marketing. A lengthy conversation later, I had explained exactly what fell under the Social Media umbrella and what … Continue reading

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New Year – New Plans – 5 ideas to move your business forward in 2015

Have you come back to work from the Christmas break inspired to take your business forward? For many people, New Year is a key time for reflection and planning but it is very easy to come back to work with the best … Continue reading

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Social Media or E-mail Marketing?

Social Media + E-mail Marketing. A marriage made in heaven or a marriage of convenience? At their most basic, both e-mail and social media are simply communication channels through which you can contact your audience. How we use them is key … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas is…..

Which of these 2 options would you prefer for your business: A flood of enquiries in January A modest but steady and reliable flow of enquiries throughout 2015 I’m pretty sure most people would prefer option 2. This gives a … Continue reading

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Developing a healthy Twitter strategy – Part 2 – What to Tweet

So you now have a growing follower base, how do you: Keep them Enhance your profile with these people The answer to both of these questions lies in the same point. Twitter users follow and engage with people who they … Continue reading

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Support your Sales Team- a joined-up approach to business development

Whether you have a dedicated field sales team (even a team of one!) or you are responsible for doing your own selling, it is an expensive business. Figures vary but £50-£60 per sales call is probably on the low side. … Continue reading

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Secure Web Pages (HTTPS://) – They’re for E-commerce, aren’t they?

You probably know that whenever you shop online you should always look for the little padlock  on the address bar. This shows (along with the URL starting HTTPS:// rather than more usual HTTP://) that the web page you are browsing … Continue reading

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