Which Social Media sites should I focus on?

In recent times, social media has become a serious marketing tool, but with a growing number of sites, it can become a nightmare trying to keep them all updated with your latest messages.

To contain the problem, I would suggest that there are three that you need to take seriously when considering marketing, namely, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Considering Linkedin and Facebook for a moment, I think in the vast majority of cases it is an either/or decision based on that old marketing idea of “your target market”:

Facebook – If your target market tends to be individuals in their role as consumers, then facebook is probably the right place to put your messages. Some examples of clients who are effectively using facebook in this way are:

Mettricks butchers
Fendequip Direct
Howarths of Flixton

Linkedin – Historically, this has been a site used by individuals to network amongst their colleagues & peers, but it is becoming a useful marketing tool if you are looking to target individuals in the course of their work, hence it tends to be the better choice for B2B marketing.

Then there is Twitter. Given the extremely transient nature of Twitter, unless you have a steady stream of things to say, it should be seen as a by-product of Facebook/Linkedin activity, ensuring that posts on these two sites are replicated on Twitter.

The other useful thing to monitor on Twitter is “mentions”. Tracking when you are mentioned on Twitter can throw up some interesting marketing opportunities.

Good news! There is  a tool to help you manage your activity on these sites. LinksAlpha, is a site allowing you to post simultaneously to a number of social networks through a single interface , removing the need for posting separately to individual sites.

Furthermore if you are running a wordpress based blog, there is also a wordpress plug-in that will automatic all copy all your blog posts to your chosen social networks. What could be easier?

If you would like to discuss the potential opportunities presented by social media then don’t hesitate to contact us.


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