The Role of Video

The Role of Video

Vlogging is a blog in the form of video.

With an estimated 3.2 Billion people using the Internet, the world wide web is perfect for promoting yourself.

But what gives you the extra boost using vlogging?

Typically, these are hosted on free services such as YouTube, Vimeo or on your own website. Generally, your video will be publicly visible with the options for viewers to give your video a rating, comment or share your video. This allows you to gain feedback from the viewers of your Vlog. Retaining the positives and improving the negatives.

This allows you to gain feedback from the viewers of your Vlog. You can build on the positives and work on the negatives.

Videos have a much higher chance of going viral than written blogs. Search engines love video content and your vlog will help your content to rank higher.

Many people find video more engaging than writing. They prefer to watch rather than read. People are tending to search for video tutorials and information. The fact you can engage more rather than reading product descriptions and reviews.

The likelihood of getting your video shared, embedded or downloaded are higher as it is simple to do.

TED Talks

Whilst not technically a Vlog, from a business/management perspective, probably one of the most interesting video resources on the web is

TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) Talks started in 1984 and is a not for profit organisation dedicated to spreading Ideas Its remit now expands way beyond technology entertainment & design.

The core of the TED website are the TED Talks videos, all less than 18 minutes long, and generally presented by excellent speakers, they are both entertaining and inspirational. I suggest you take a look.

So, as we approach the summer holidays, I will leave you with some ideas for TED talks you might like to check out whilst relaxing by the pool.

And to finish on a more general note: