Effective email marketing and the benefit of a well-targeted list


BSA implements effective email marketing to help a client build a dealer network


The client, the UK distributor for a global spa brand understands that a key to their success is to develop a strong dealer network across the UK.

Having established a core dealer network, they wanted to extend their reach. The aim of this project was to approach carefully selected businesses with the objective of opening dialogue with potential dealers.

Key resources:

Our client has been working in this niche market for a number of years and as such has a good contact list of businesses working in the sector any of whom could be a potential dealer.  A significant majority (over 85%) of the list included contact email addresses

The brand that they represent is well respected in the industry, and is recognised as beneficial to a dealer in terms of developing their business (i.e. They have a strong proposition)


The planned campaign had 2 phases:

  1. An email to those where email addresses were available
  2. A mailing to follow-up the email programme

In phase 1 the email was sent 3 times, each time excluding people who had already opened the message on previous sends.

We have established that if you send an email more than once to a list you will increase the overall open rate. Based on previous experience and industry norms, we anticipated we would see around 20% open rate on the first email and this could increase to 30%+ over the 3 sends.

The objective was to generate dealership enquiries, and identify those on the list who show an interest in the proposal. The latter being achieved by tracking recipients who reply to the email or click links on the email.


Phase 1 – Emailing:

As a result of the 1st send of the email:

  • 45% of those receiving the email opened it
  • 17% then clicked through to the website from the email

As a result a number of direct enquiries were received, and detailed discussions have taken place with these contacts.

As a result of the 2nd and 3rd sends of the email:

  • Overall open rates increased to 60%
  • Less than 1% of people receiving the emails unsubscribed

In addition to people directly responding to the email, a further 30 contacts were identified as having shown interest by clicking through from the email

These additional contacts have been followed up by telephone with further qualified opportunities being identified and developed.

Phase 2 – Direct Mailing

Given the success of the emailing programme, the decision was made to cancel the mailing activity – resulting in savings against processing costs, printing, stationery, fulfillment and postage charges.


  • By using effective email marketing, the cost of the project was kept down, in comparison to undertaking the same project though mailing
  • Significant feedback (enquiries, opens & clicks) was received allowing more accurate targeting of the market in future communications
  • Active discussions with potential new dealers are ongoing with every expectation of success
  • As well as direct opportunities, the emailing programme has further raised the profile of our client in their industry
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