Joined-up marketing. Are email newsletters the missing link

The Problem

missinglinkSpecialist export consultant and BSA client Exportaid has developed a recognised reputation for the provision of training and support to British companies looking to expand abroad.

As part of their service they offer ‘ExportAnswer‘ a free service to answer questions about export by email. The success of this service meant that ExportAid built up a significant database of over 600 relevant contacts but they were consious they weren’t doing anything with this data.

For some time, BSA suggested that they consider launching an email newsletter focussing of the practical issues and advice relevant to SME businesses wanting to export. Although ExportAid MD, John Reed, recognised the potential of these ideas, he also had concerns:

  1. I am concerned about my professional reputation
  2. I don’t think it will help me, I have answered their question
  3. People don’t like email newsletters
  4. Even if I did do it, I don’t think I can come up with a continuing flow of good quality content

Notwithstanding the above, John Reed also recognised he was in danger of losing contact with his database – companies who all recognised the benefits of what ExportAid offers – something had to give….

The Solution

ExportAid (initially with some reluctance) concluded that maybe E-newsletters were worth investigating. Working with BSA we implemented the following:

  1. Design an E-News template – to tie in with the ExportAid corporate style.
  2. Select content from the ExportAid blog and add snippets to the template (with links back to the main website & blog).
  3. Set up, test and finalise the E-newsletter and target contact list in the BSA Emailworks dedicated emailing system.

Keen to make sure there was consistency and reality, ExportAid titled their email “Seventh from ExportAid” which would then go out on the 7th of every month.

The first issue was sent by BSA but since then, control has been handed to ExportAid for all E-News activty. As BSA Emailworks is web-based this handover was straighforward and ongoing support is easy to provide, as required.

The Benefits

ExportAid now has joined-up, effective marketing which connects them to their contacts…

…and their concerns? Unfounded…

  1. Feedback from readers has been entirely positive, they see real value in the “Seventh from ExportAid”
  2. Thanks to the E-Newsletter, ExportAid’s reputation is spreading rather than declining
  3. Recipients acknowledge the value and interest in the E-Newsletters
  4. By linking e-newsletter content back to updates on the ExportAid website, there is a consistent flow of new articles

ExportAid were at risk of losing the business relationships they had started. Now they are being reinforced and enhanced every month.

And the cost of keeping in touch with each contact 12 times per year? Less than £2 per contact per year – 4 basic second class stamps!

To talk about building strong relationships with your customers and contacts – give us a call

Watch our video comments from ExportAid MD, John Reed

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