Joined-up marketing in practice

joined-up marketingPMHRC is a specialist consultancy offering employment law advice and support.

Owner Paul Murray wanted to grow his business and recognised that although he has exceptional knowledge of employment law and practice, his marketing knowledge was more limited.

He approached BSA Marketing to see how we could help. Following initial discussions, we agreed to work together.

In Paul Murray's own words:

As I needed to grow my business, if you like, organically, i.e.
one step at a time and with a close eye on the costs, it seemed
obvious to me to find someone with the expertise that I lacked
in marketing.

Through a mutual group I was introduced to David at BSA
Marketing, and thank goodness I was. I now actually have
clients and a marketable offering.  I manage the activity,
(ergo. remain in control) because I've been shown how to do
it by a master craftsman, who is always there when I need
help…..A bit like a craftsman and his apprentice,  shows you
what to do, leaves you to get on with it,  but you know where
to find him if you get stuck…!

Over 12 months BSA helped PMHRC develop and implement a structured and joined-up approach to business development based on core principles:


1. Define your key proposition

PMHRC services could be relevant to most businesses but, by considering how they wanted the business to develop, it became clear that they wanted to focus on delivering flexible, high quality, personalised employment law advice and support to SME businesses.

2. Segment your target market

It was decided that focussing on SME businesses with relatively complex employment requirements would be a logical approach. Furthermore, being based in West Yorkshire PMHRC is ideally placed to service clients there and across the North West of England. Drawing on past experience, it was felt that private Care Homes would be a good initial target sector. these businesses tend to have relatively high staff levels with employees working complex hours.

3. Ensure you have relevant marketing collateral

It is generally acknowledged that having a website is essential marketing collateral for most businesses today. As a small business, PMHRC did not have the budgets to create a new website but their existing site was review to ensure that it reflected the proposition and addressed the target market – that it was joined-up with the marketing planning.

4. Develop and implement consistent marketing communication

Once the above preparation was in place, it was time for action! It is with implementation that marketing can start to get expensive – and so is the point at which things start to grind to a halt. Not with PMHRC! Paul Murray worked with BSA taking a realistic, down to earth and step-by step approach to building a list of relevant target organisations and starting to contact them. In parallel with this, he made sure he didn’t forget the people he already knew, making sure he was also reinforcing his relationships with these people.

BSA continued to offer a supporting role, ready at the end of the phone to answer questions or discuss ideas. In this way, PMHRC were able to benefit from professional marketing advice without incurring big fees!

By keeping in touch with contacts opportunities started to appear….

5. Deliver!

Now the final piece of the puzzle – delivering on your service. This is the area where PMHRC feel quite at home. The personal and prompt response delivered to clients is consistently appreciated and respected by them.


Initial success from the marketing activity has facilitated further investment. Over the past 2 months the PMHRC website has been completely redesigned to give a more professional image and also to allow day to day management and updating of the website to be done in-house. This means the site can be updated and new content regularly added ensuring the site reflects the current state of the business and provides current, relevant, interesting information to visitors which helps keep them coming back and  engaged, reinforcing the business relationships – joined-up!


At the start of the programme PMHRC set some clear, well defined objective to grow their client base. The business is currently running comfortably ahead of target while retaining the personal/professional ethos that is at the heart of PMHRC. We enjoy working with Paul Murray and PMHRC and look forward to a mutually productive relationship going forward.

Visit the PMHRC website at

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