Mobile Websites Survey – The Results

Last time we asked you to let us know what you felt the future held for websites on mobile devices. Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

As promised, here is a summary of the results:

survey_q1_2The answers to questions 1 and 2 were not really surprising with over 92% of respondents thinking that use of mobile internet access will increase in the future, and 91% & having accessed the internet via their mobile in the last month.

survey_q3aGiven these answers, the results from question 3 were more unexpected. Only 58% having considered developing a mobile site.

My guess is that most people within our sample group are running business to business websites, whereas their access of the mobile internet was possibly in a consumer context.

Although mobile usage in consumer markets is more developed, there are still many benefits to developing a mobile site for B2B applications. However, it may be that there is no real benefit in developing a mobile version of your full website. Most mobile searches for B2B websites focus on 2 areas: Contact Details and Location Map/Directions. Focusing on these areas may well be a simple and inexpensive way of taking your B2B website onto a mobile platform.

Whether or not it would be relevant to develop a mobile site is easy to determine through Google Analytics which will identify how many of your web visitors are accessing the site via a mobile device.

If your website uses WordPress, the process need not be complex. There are several plugins designed to take your website mobile quickly and easily.

survey_q3Our final question was: “Is Mobile e-commerce relevant to your business?”

Here the results were a quite clear: 70% of respondents felt mobile e-commerce is not relevant to them. Again, I believe this is most likely to be because most would be in B2B markets, where e-commerce may not be so prevalent.

All in all, interesting results, which will certainly see us holding off in developing our mobile e-commerce offering, so thanks again to everyone who took part.

If you are interested in discussing whether or not a mobile site would be relevant for you, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to review this with you.

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