Content writing and creation

Regular, relevant and interesting content for your marketing

Creating new, relevant and interesting content is one of the biggest marketing challenges facing many SME companies – and a common reason why a marketing process for a business fails.

BSA Marketing have tackled and addressed this issue and have been creating quality content for both ourselves and our clients for over 10 years, not only producing the material but also ensuring it is consistently and effectively used as part of a sustained marketing process.

A joined-up content process

As well as regularly publishing new content, it is valuable to take a step back every now and again to look at your site and wider web presence as a whole.

As part of our joined-up marketing approach we work with you to look at your content in context.

  • Are your messages consistent?
  • Do you highlight the value and benefit you deliver?
  • Do you have a dynamic ‘Content Calendar’?
  • Are you making the most of your content across different marketing platforms?

We will work with you to review your content and develop a content calendar so that future content creation can be planned and written in good time.

This review process is central to our ongoing marketing support.

We see our role as not only bringing new marketing ideas to your business and using these to create a clear action plan but also making sure the plan is implemented.

The essence of marketing is communication and communication requires something to say – content!

Our Key Deliverables

  • A structured approach to content creation
  • A content calendar of future content plans
  • Writing articles for your approval
  • Integration of content with your website
  • Maximising content value across social media and other platforms online and offline
  • Advice and ideas
  • A consistent, effective joined-up marketing approach

If you would like to improve you content and make sure it happens, get in touch.