Email Marketing

Don’t forget the email marketing fundamentals

Whatever anyone says, at its heart marketing is still about communication and over the past 10 years email marketing has grown exponentially as a communication tool.

By focussing on sending RELEVANT messages to a WELL-TARGETED audience you can really build awareness of your company and grow strong relationships which lead to solid business growth.

Of all the digital marketing media, email is definitely the one that delivers best visibility, but it is also the most intrusive, so to be effective, it needs to be used in an intelligent and targeted manner.

Key Marketing issues

  • What is your key business message and selling point (USP)?
  • Who are your target markets?
  • Does the email you are sending portray the right image for your company?
  • Can you track the impact of your email?
  • Is your email campaign sustainable?

Targeted email marketing is a great tool for communicating with your marketplace. BSA Marketing has a real expertise in delivering email campaigns that work. Naturally we have the technical infrastructure and know-how to build emails that work, and maximise deliverability to your recipients mailboxes.

BSA is effective because we approach email from a marketing perspective. We will create campaigns that focus on real business development objectives.

  • With over 20 years experience in direct marketing & data management we can  help you ensure that you are targeting the right people.
  • Our marketing knowledge helps you create a message that is clear and compelling.
  • To be effective email campaigns must be sustainable. Our approach of combining regularly updated web content with an easy to use email system makes it easy to keep your campaign going.
  • We understand the importance of monitoring and control. We continually review activities to ensure that objectives are being met.