Email Newsletters

If your contacts remember you they are more likely to do business with you

It is well established that most business comes from people who know you. It naturally follows that keeping in touch with the people you know through email newsletters has immense marketing value.

Over recent years we have seen clients achieve some great results simply through keeping in touch with their markets.

Email newsletters, with interesting, relevant content, can be a great way of staying in contact. A big issue for many companies is keeping email newsletters going. With BSA’s support, you can ensure your email newsletter programme is sustained.

Our approach addresses 7 key elements:

  1. Marketing Review: Confirm your objectives, core proposition and USPs
  2. Newsletter Content: How can we ensure regular, relevant email newsletter content?
  3. Content Delivery: Can your website be used to deliver regular new content?
  4. Target Contacts: What is the starting point and how can new contacts be added?
  5. Implement: Set up and launch your e-newsletter programme
  6. Manage: Monitor market engagement to refine the programme
  7. Sustain: We work with you to ensure the programme continues effectively

Our Key Deliverables:

  • A marketing programme that compellingly communicates your proposition
  • Professional and technically effective email newslestter delivery
  • Efficient data management
  • A programme that sustains

All of this is handled on a simple monthly budget, starting from £295+VAT

Check out some examples of E-newsletters here. You can get them sent direct to your inbox

To find out more about how we can help you with writing and distributing your e-newsletter, get in touch