Meet the Team – Liz Rickard, FD

Liz is a graduate structural engineer and champion of women in engineering and construction.  Her company, Highwire Ltd, was founded in 1997. The aim of the business is bringing new focus... Read more

Primary Engineer Leaders Award

AT Engine Controls Managing Director and Technical Director Support: Primary Engineer LEADERS AWARD Greater Manchester 2017 6th July Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham   What is Primary Engineer? The aim... Read more

Meet Our New Recruits

It has been a busy time for us here at ATEC and we have had a few new starters throughout the business. May I introduce to you our most recent newbies Philip... Read more

New British Standard in Diversity and Inclusion

As Britain becomes an ever more diverse society it seems incredible that there are still so many sectors of business and industry that hold on to outdated ideas.  Highwire is positioned squarely... Read more

Positive start to 2017

Positive Start Despite the political and economic turmoil and uncertainties of 2016, the year ended with some positives for Denholms and C E Edwards. Relationships and discussions that had been... Read more