Developing a Strategy for SEO that works

wp_seoAnyone who reads these posts regularly will know that we have an uneasy relationship with SEO. We firmly believe that SEO needs to be a central part of any joined-up web marketing strategy, and although we love SEO that works, we take issue with the idea that it is a marketing magic wand, and the suggestion that “All I need to do is get to the top of Google.”

We have always advocated that SEO should be integrated with a joined-up marketing approach, and should be an on-going part of your website content development. As such every time you add content to your site, this should be done with an eye on your SEO and keyword strategy.

This process can be made more straightforward if you have the right tools, and if you are using WordPress for your website, we would highly recommend the SEO plugin Yoast as a great tool for the Job.

yoastDesigned by an SEO company, and used by many professional SEO experts, Yoast fully integrates on-page search engine optimisation into the process of writing content for your website. Not only does it give you all the functionality you need to ensure that your pages are structurally optimised, it also includes some great keyword and page analysis tools that make it simple to ensure that the content you are writing works form an SEO perspective too (oh, and did I mention that it is FREE!).

In our opinion, if you want to develop a strategy for SEO that works, and you are using WordPress, you should definitely check out the Yoast plugin.

Installation is a simple process and assuming that you inderstand the concept of SEO, it is straight forward to configure. But if you want some help implementing it, then give us a call. We would be delighted to help.

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