Marketing Matters Ep. 12 – Hosting

Your website can be central to your marketing process and the single biggest tool at your disposal. Traditionally, the company responsible for your web design adds on hosting as extras without a thought. However, hosting should be the first step of your on-going marketing strategy.

Marketing Matters Ep. 11 – Social Media

Most people historically use social media to view funny images or discuss the latest cultural zeitgeist, leading to companies avoiding it. However, more recently, it is producing more opportunities for B2B marketing. But why has this changed and what is the purpose of social media?

Marketing Matters Ep. 10 – E-mail Marketing

It’s now been over a year since GDPR came into effect and, in this week’s Marketing Matters, Duncan & David investigate how e-mail marketing has changed in the current GDPR world.

Marketing Matters Ep. 9 – Search Marketing

Duncan & David go through the benefits and mistakes found in search marketing. However you look at it, search engines are still critically important to marketing but it’s more about the content than just optimisation through SEO.

Marketing Matters Ep. 8 – Planning

Duncan & David discuss what a lot of people think of as a complex time consuming process: planning. Seen as something full of paperwork never to be used again, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Marketing Matters Ep. 7 – Joined-up Marketing

Duncan & David view the modern world for SME businesses and the importance of having their marketing as “joined-up”. With so many aspects of online marketing, such as search, social media, website and e-mail, there is a necessity to form a connection between them.

Marketing Matters Ep. 6 – Data

Duncan & David investigate the importance of measuring marketing activities and web data. What was once difficult to collect, we are now overburdened with figures.

Marketing Matters Ep. 4 – PR

Duncan & David look at what PR means and what role it has on today’s SME Marketing toolbag.

In Essence PR is about engaging with exiting publishers who already have a relevant audience. Once the domain of large organisations, it is now a valuable tool for small business marketing too.