Social Media

What can Social Media do for your business?

Social media is fast becoming an established marketing medium and gaining momentum. We are now seeing companies begin to embrace social media and looking to increase their presence.

A significant part of marketing is about engaging with your target market and social media allows you to achieve this engagement in a cost effective and sustained manner. It is this engagement that helps to continually develop your brand.

Social media provides a platform to showcase your business. Regular status updates and images and videos are great for keeping people in the loop, and does it on their terms. Developing your marketing communications in this way means that you are placing your message where your potential customers are. Because of this, in addition to keeping your existing contacts informed, it is a great tool for reaching new audiences.

Using Social media will result in genuine business leads. Fundamentally, marketing is about communicating with relevant people, something which social media allows you to do, at a lower cost than many traditional methods.

Why should a business outsource social media?

For smaller businesses, outsourcing social media has proven more effective than managing it in house.

Naturally, people want the best for their business. Using social media for business purposes is a whole different proposition to personal use. Therefore outsourcing Social Media activities to an expert who can work with you to deliver a successful Social Media position, gives you confidence that it will be handled correctly.

Running a successful social media programme is time consuming. If you lack the time to maintain your accounts, they will quickly become stagnant and ineffective. Outsourcing your social media means that your presence is managed in a consistent and professional manner.

You stay in control

When we take on a social media programme, we feel its important that you stay in control. We therefore use tools that facilitate collaboration, and allow you access to the elements of the campaign that you want to see.