About Us

BSA is a company of professionally trained marketers with substantial, practical marketing experience.

Since the mid-1980’s, BSA has helped clients find new business opportunities and build their business. We achieve this by developing, implementing and sustaining effective marketing strategies.

There is no question that, over the past 20 years, the internet has evolved as the single, most important tool for SME marketing engagement.

However, the internet should not stand in isolation. It must be considered in the wider context of a well-planned marketing approach. Websites, email and social media all deliver marketing opportunities which can drive market engagement as a route to delivering solid commercial opportunities.

BSA combines thorough, reliable business marketing knowledge with the technical skills to deliver effective internet marketing services, based on your marketing objectives.

Our philosophy :

  • To work from core business marketing principles
  • The internet should be part of an integrated marketing strategy
  • To approach the internet from a marketing perspective
  • To support our marketing work with thorough technical know-how
  • We work with you to help you achieve your business goals

Your freedom to choose

When it comes to internet marketing and web development, we never forget you should have a choice.

Companies can find themselves unexpectedly locked into suppliers. This can be through unreasonable contracts or, more subtly, by having websites that use proprietary software and systems that no-one else has access to!

In fact, some of the best e-commerce and web development platforms are open source – available FREE to anyone, and because they have huge developer bases, they are often the most fully-featured and up to date.

We like the functionality of open source solutions and for you, it means that if you ever wanted to take your website away from us, you are free to do so and should be able to find someone who understands the technologies we have used.

We are very proud that we have many long-term clients with relationships stretching back over 10 years and more. These are all based on the same premise:

Qur clients work with BSA because they choose to work with BSA. 

Perhaps we can deliver for you too? Please get in touch.