Managing Marketing Complexity

In my last post I talked a little about the importance and value of managing the technicalities of website hosting, but in reality, the technical aspects of marketing your business tend to go way beyond hosting.

This scenario begs the question:

What is the role of a marketing partner?

Typically offerings fall into One of 3 categories:

  1. Consultancy – looking at strategy & planning
  2. Management of marketing tools like web, social media, SEO etc
  3. Technical aspects that facilitate the delivery of marketing activities

We looked in detail at the value of linking the first 2 in our recent post about Combining Planning and Implementation, and touched on the value of linking the last 2  in the case of web hosting in the post Do You Care About Your Web Hosting.

However, as I stated earlier, the technical aspects of marketing your business tend to go way beyond hosting. What I want to look at here id the issue of managing the wider technicalities of marketing in 21st Century, and how having a marketing partner with a good working knowledge of the technicalities can be very valuable.

To Illustrate this point, I would like to look at a few of the requests we have had for support on Marketing projects over the last 12 months:

  1. I would like to list my products on Amazon in the USA
  2. I would like my products to appear as images at the top of Google listing
  3. My site doesn’t appear on Google for phrase <<insert keyword here>> What can I do about it
  4. We want to do a Twitter style survey but don’t want to do it on Twitter
  5. Can I integrate my website e-commerce system with my accounts package/CRM?
  6. I need a web payment gateway that will also work when I am selling things in the physical world
  7. I’d like to make sure my website is optimised for a visitors across the Globe
  8. We need to efficiently segment my email sending to optimise personalisation
  9. I have had a call about <<insert web marketing service here>> does it add value
  10. I would like to implement a “where to buy” Directory on my website how do I go about it?

Whilst these requests are all very different, they all have two things in common.

  1. They are all perfectly relevant marketing issues
  2. They all require technical knowledge to implement

In the world of SMEs, working with a different partner for each of these projects would be challenging, and few marketing specialists would have the skills to handle all of these requests, but in our view, a marketing partner should be able to deal with any of this, and At BSA Marketing we can.

So how do we do this without compromising quality?

The answer is two-fold:

  1. A great deal of experience in Digital Marketing – Having grown up marketing over the past 20 years as the web has grown in importance, we have an excellent working knowledge of how the marketing works in the digital world, so know what skills are needed to deliver, and in many cases we have those skills in house
  2. A fantastic network of specialist knowledge to call on when we need it – Having been delivering marketing solutions for clients over this time, we have build relationships with a network of people who have specialist knowledge in many different areas. We are now able to call on thin knowledge when needed to deliver for clients.

Marketing in the current world is complex

The truth is delivering effective marketing support in the current SME environment is complex, but we are confident that whatever your requirements from the reliable hosting of a website to the complex scenarios outlined earlier in this post, we have the expertise & partnerships to make them happen without breaking the bank.

If you would like to talk to us about how we could add value to your marketing activities, give us a call, or drop us an email