Effective Websites

Websites that work for your business

We are not web designers, but we do create effective websites for our clients!

In our view there are two distinct elements to the creation of a great business website. Design and Functionality. We create sites that deliver on both fronts.

These site combine professional, stylish design, with the practicality & functionality that allow your site to continually develop, change and grow with your business.

We use WordPress to create most of our sites. It is highly flexible and well supported, offers great design opportunities, and delivers functionality that meets the need of dynamic businesses who wish to stay in control of their web presence.

Key considerations for effective websites

  • Does your website look professional?
  • Is it easy for visitors to navigate?
  • Do you have control of your website?
  • Does it clearly communicate your proposition?
  • Does it work for your marketing initiatives or do you have to work round your website?
  • Can you track visitors and see what they are interested in?

A good website is a must for any business these days, and a good website should be seen as an indespensible tool in any marketing kit bag.

A website is not just for Christmas…

It isn’t enough to have a site that looks good when it is launched. A modern website must be dynamic and regularly updated to properly reflect your business as it is now, not how it was six months, or a year ago. To achieve this, you need to have control over your site, and it should be easy for you to cost effectively develop it as you business and your marketing evolve.

By ensuring your website is regularly updated, you will encourage people to visit more often. Regular visitors will get to know you better and so be more likely to do business with you.

Since 1998 we have developed hundreds of websites and built up a thorough understanding of core web technologies. Through this knowledge and experience, we have settled on WordPress as our platform of choice for developing websites. Using WordPress we can deliver websites that offer:

  • Fast implementation – (Typically a 4-6 weeks from brief to go live)
  • Low cost implementation – WordPress is open source
  • Full design control – the site can look the way you want it
  • Full content management – YOU have control over your site
  • Facility for regular updates with new content
  • Search Engine Optimised – As Google SEO Guru Matt Cutts put it – “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues simply through it’s design”
  • Integration with sustainable, joined-up marketing for your business
  • WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation

  • Although we do not believe that this should be the primary focus when creating a website, we know that being easily found on search engines is important, and as such any site needs to be “search engine friendly” You will find more about WordPress and SEO in this blog post

Although WordPress has good, basic and straightforward e-commerce credentials, we also work with specialist partners to develop Magento sites for high-spec e-commerce sites.

If you want to take control of your website, contact us.