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One thing is certain if you are in business, you need a website. Furthermore, you need a website that is easy to adapt to the evolution of your business. Yet many sites are developed as a project which is specified in detail at the start, and with an end date focused on the day the site goes live.

Consequently, it is inevitable that the phrase “can we just…..” will be used as the business moves on and the requirements for the website evolves. The usual effect of this being a delay the delivery of the new site. And often leads to frustration for all those involved.

Embrace the “Can we just…”

The alternative is to accept the fluid nature of the web requirements and embrace the can we just….

In this scenario, the focus of the web project is not to deliver a finished site, but rather to deliver a flexible web platform that can evolve & develop with the business. In this way, the site does not go live when it is “finished”. Rather it goes live when:

  1. It professionally represents the activities of the organisation
  2. It is better than the current offering

Once these two factors are covered, the new site can and should go live in the knowledge that it will be continually developed on into the future.

In this way every “can we just…” can be categorised in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. It is required to fulfil the criteria above in which case it gets done now
  2. It is something that can be built into the ongoing development of the site

A platform, not a finished article

In reality, a website is never “finished”, and when considering a new site, the number one priority needs to be delivering a platform that will easily adapt to the needs of a business into the foreseeable future. In this way,  in the future when “can we just…” rears its head the answer should be

 "Yes, no problem"

Can we just… in the real world

We now use WordPress for all our site developments, and the number one reason for this is its flexibility. Using WordPress, it’s easy to deliver a great looking site quickly, and what starts as a simple site with a few pages, can easily evolve to deliver complex functionality tailored to the needs of the business as they develop.

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