Cloud-driven Marketing

Good Marketing is Collaborative

Marketing is a broad discipline. Consequently, to deliver effective marketing, you need a wide range of skills.

  1. Planning & Strategy
  2. Creative/Design
  3. Copywriting
  4. Web development & coding
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Research & Analysis
  7. …The list goes on

No one can be an expert in all these areas, so by its nature good marketing needs to be collaborative.

In the SME world, this tends to mean a single person or small team within the organisation. Working with one or more third-party specialists.

In other words, good marketing relies on a team of people working together

To complicate matters further, in today’s workplace teams tend not to be all sat in the same office from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

The Importance of Management

Today’s marketing environment is also fast paced, especially when it comes to search and social media marketing.

As well as being monitored & managed on a weekly/monthly basis, aspects of marketing like social media need to be continually monitored & managed. Daily or even hourly.

Put these two things together and you have a situation where delivering a joined-up effective marketing programme can be challenging, requiring diverse and disparate teams to work together closely on an ongoing basis

Controlling the Chaos

Fortunately for today’s Marketer, the Cloud is throwing up some fantastic tools for managing this. I would like to look at 2 of these specifically

  • WordPress – for managing your content
  • Hootsuite – for managing your social media

I will then finish by looking briefly at more general tools for managing the wider marketing process.

Managing your content

We are big fans of WordPress – no secret there! – But as well as being a great web development platform, it is also a great tool for managing the content creation process.

It is web-based, so wherever a team member is in the world, as long as they can get online, they can do their job. Working together to draft, review and publish posts is a piece of cake. Out of the box, WordPress allows user role management, keeps a full history of revisions and allows posts to be flagged in their different stages of production.

Add a couple of choice plugins, and you can take the workflow management process to the next level:

10 Great WordPress Plugins to Manage an Editorial Workflow

Managing your Social Media

To be truly effective, social media requires multiple platforms to be constantly managed, ideally side by side. Difficult enough when it is being handled & managed by one person, but a real challenge when managed by a team.

Hootsuite to the rescue – Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to pull together all your activity across multiple social media platforms into a single place.

It also allows you to create role-based teams to manage social media activity, so you can control exactly what individual members of the team can do.

Whilst there is a charge for some of these features, much of the functionality is available via the free account. Furthermore, if your social media presence is exclusively based on Twitter, you can get the same control for Twitter using the free Tweetdeck tool.

Wider Management in the Cloud

Having looked at the management of individual elements of the marketing mix, to finish I thought it would be worth taking a look at broader management of the marketing process. Again there are some great cloud options in this area.

If you are using Microsoft’s Office 365, take a look at Microsoft Teams . Teams is included in many of the Office 365 subscription packages and delivers some interesting tools for online management & collaboration. We have just started using it at BSA, so expect a post about our experiences in the coming months.

Whilst there are still some issues with relying on the Cloud (what happens if you can’t get access online, and how do you ensure that your content is secure to name two) I think these are rapidly becoming very manageable. As a result, the Cloud is increasingly becoming a valuable marketing platform.

If you would like to explore some of these ideas in more detail, we would love to hear from you.

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