Creating Well Written Content – With help from YOAST

Content marketing is all about creating informative, well-written content that tells people what you do. Write this including relevant keywords, and it will also help to get your posts well positioned Google.

As always, WordPress has some interesting tools to help you do this. The best of which, in our humble opinion is Yoast.

As the name suggests, Yoast SEO is primarily focused on SEO, and when set up correctly will ensure that your website is delivering content in the way Google expects.

However, it also includes a couple of useful analysis tools for your content:

  1. Readability analysis
  2. Keyword SEO analysis

In both cases, it will analyse your content and give it a Red, Amber or Green quality score, along with recommendations as to how the content can be improved. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules here, and the priority should always be to create engaging content that will be of interest to your readers, these Yoast tools can be very useful:

Readability analysis

This tool will analyse your content and suggest options that can make it more readable. The key things it looks out for are:

  • Structure and use of subheadings
  • Use of overly long sentences
  • Overuse of the passive voice

In my experience, whilst you may not totally agree with the analysis, working through its suggestions, does make you take a more critical look at your writing, an invariably results in shorter & more concise copy.

SEO Analysis

This feature allows you to enter a chosen key phrase. Yoast will then analyse the content and give recommendations for on-page optimisation for this key phrase. It also allows for the editing of key meta tags (Title & Description) within the page.

Whilst a green ‘light’ from Yoast is no guarantee of a first page listing on Google, it does help to ensure focus on the on page elements of SEO.

You will find a more detailed tutorial on these useful Yoast features here

A Final Word

Whilst these tools are useful, they are not perfect. Rather than striving for Green readability and SEO scores at all costs, the aim should be to create copy that communicates the desired message, and that you think will engage your audience,

The Yoast features should simply be used as a tool to help you deliver that goal.

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