Forget Marketing – Use UnMarketing

I have written a fair bit recently about how, for many SMEs, marketing is anything but marketing!

It may be ‘sales promotion‘ (lead generation) or ‘digital’  (pretty much anything where there seems to be someone offering you their ‘blow-your-socks-off‘ service), but what they are doing isn’t marketing which (IMHO) is the process of:

'Effective and consistent engagement with a market
to build awareness and trust'

Clearly, there is no ‘one size fits all‘ solution. It is about having an effective mix, yet the problem seems to be that in the excitement of getting a ‘now’ sales lead or seeing your website at the top of Google, real, consistent, sustained marketing communication and engagement risks getting left behind.

Let’s get UnMarketing

This is the background to me spotting ‘Unmarketing’ – written by Scott Stratten and Alison Stratten – on a recent trip through Los Angeles airport (name drop!)

As is often the case with an ‘airport’ book, I liked the title! Having read the book – I’m glad I did. OK, it’s a bit North American (Canadian to be exact) in style (sorry Scott/Alison) but it is refreshing to read about real marketing. The book is easy to read and very wide ranging. I found some parts more relevant to BSA Marketing than others but the overall message is clear.

Stop trying to sell to people and start engaging with them – if they know, like and trust you they are more likely to do business with you.

The essence of the book sits well with my philosophy of ‘Just Do It’ and through its 61 (satisfyingly concise) chapters Scott and Alison explore a broad spectrum of ideas, including practical ‘How to do it’ advice.

This is the 2nd edition of the book. It was published a couple of months ago so is right up to date.

Practical Information

It gives a practical review of key aspects of marketing including:

  • Idea Creation
  • Viral Marketing and Video,
  • Authenticity, Transparency and Immediacy
  • Ethics and Affiliates
  • Social Media Platforming
  • UnPodcasting
  • Word of Mouth
  • Customer Service
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Leadership.

Most important, the book is written with the interests of the marketer/ business owner in mind. Scott and Alison talk about how you use UnMarketing to unlearn the old ways and consistently attract and engage the right customers.

Don’t keep pushing out your message and praying that it sticks somewhere. Potential and current customers want to be listened to, validated, and have a platform to be heard- and yes, digital is a powerful tool to help achieve this.

As with so many things, reading it isn’t going to help unless you do something. Good marketing is about what YOU do with YOUR business but it is great to see someone with such a wide international audience promoting solid business fundamentals (even if they did come up with a catchy name for it!) rather than looking at the latest band waggon to jump on.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you already have an established business, UnMarketing has a lot to offer and will certainly give you some food for thought.

As well as at LAX, UnMarketing is available online in different formats including digital, hard copy and audiobook. If you click the image above or here you will go to Amazon where you can see a preview.

If you’d like to look at UnMarketing for your business, give me a call

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