It’s not just about the decision maker

When people think about marketing, they tend to focus on communicating directly with those they are trying to sell to. But by taking this approach, you can miss out on many opportunities.

The ultimate goal might be to get your message to those who are going to hand over their hard earned cash for your products and services. However achieving this communication is rarely simple, and often relies on the support and work of influencers in the market. Thus targeting these influencers as part of your marketing activity can pay real dividends, and deliver real opportunities.

Influencers come in many shapes & forms – Bloggers, Press, TV/Radio to name a few, but the reality is that good influencers will rarely respond to the direct approach. They need to come to you having drawn their own conclusion about how interesting you will be to their audience. In other words, rather than “sell” your story to these people, you need to take a more rounded approach.

Let me give you an example from our own marketing:

Local Radio Business Hour

BSA Marketing aims to deliver valuable marketing support to owner managed small & medium sized businesses, and as a secondary objective, we aim to have a very strong presence in the local area around Manchester. As part of our marketing strategy, we already write a weekly column in a local paper. We have however never had a chance to get the message onto wider broadcast media.

This changed this week when we got the opportunity to be a guest on the local radio stations weekly business hour. But how did we get there?

One thing is certain, we did not achieve this by directly pitching for the gig!

We got there by regularly communicating what we do, and the benefits we deliver to our clients. This message was heard by the person who presents the business hour on a local radio station. A person who we had also got to know through regular networking around the area. Over time, our relationship has developed to a point where this person had enough confidence to invite us to take part in her show.

This opportunity has resulted from our getting the BSA message out into the relevant marketplace, and presenting ourselves as “experts in our field” who have something interesting to say. Whether we are talking to influencers or potential customers communicating this message is a key goal of our marketing. There is no doubt that the strategy is working, even if the route to our success can be less than direct.

In other words

If you do Stuff, Stuff happens! 
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About Duncan Wright

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Over the past 25 years, working in both the corporate world, and the field of SME marketing consultancy, Duncan Wright has developed extensive knowledge & experience that really adds value to BSA Marketing's clients.

As a member of the CIM, and as a Chartered Marketer, Duncan has the marketing knowledge to come up with relevant and innovative marketing strategies for clients, whilst at the same time possessing the technical knowledge to turn these strategies into relevant and sustainable marketing campaigns in the real world.