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Those of you who read our blog posts regularly will know we talk about “joined-up marketing” a lot. Joined-up marketing is, in essence, making sure that each facet of your marketing (and general activities) are working in tandem with each other. It is no different with social media, LinkedIn in particular.

LinkedIn is viewed as the network for business professionals and so there is much focus on it.

If used well, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for a business professional. Joining it up with the rest of your marketing and what you do is important, so it is a good idea to make the most of the platform.

Here are 3 steps to make sure your LinkedIn activity is joined-up!

Posting your news/blogs to LinkedIn as well as your website!

You go to the trouble of writing your latest news articles (usually for your email newsletter?) then don’t push them through your LinkedIn page? If you’re not posting your news onto LinkedIn, you should be!

Having a blog and sending e-newsletters raises awareness of what’s going on in your business. Increase your reach by telling those business people you have met over the years, your LinkedIn connections.

If you have one, you can post an article to your company LinkedIn page and share it out to your connections. Alternatively, you can reach all of your connections directly by posting to LinkedIn Pulse, which is like your own blog on LinkedIn.

Keeping engaged with your connections

Call me old fashioned, but you will never replace a good old face to face conversation, be it in the pub, business meeting or networking event. Networking events still have an important place in business.

You’re doing the rounds at a local networking event that you haven’t attended before, you talk to a selection of people and collect a number of business cards. By the time you’re back in the office, it can be challenging to  remember who is who! No matter, you can connect with those that you spoke to on LinkedIn.

Joining up those who you meet professionally with LinkedIn is a valuable habit to get into. If you’re new to LinkedIn, you will need to build up your connections, much like growing followers on Twitter. LinkedIn then works as a management system for all of your contacts, giving you reminders of their progress and vice versa for you. All opportunities to keep in touch.

Monitor industry relevant groups & pages

That industry magazine that gets sent to your office every month has been delivered again. You don’t read it but think it will look good on the coffee table in the waiting room. You put it next to last month’s edition.

As good a publication as that magazine is, you never have time to read it in any depth. Instead, join up that specific sector news with your LinkedIn feed. You can do this by following relevant groups and pages. This means you can see industry updates from various places at your leisure, be it in a small snippet in passing or reading a whole article when you get 5 minutes. From these updates and articles, you may see current news and have an opinion on it. You have the start of your next article!

Joining the small things results in a powerful marketing platform

None of the above are particularly time intensive. You can post an article to pulse and share it with all of your connections in a couple of minutes. Likewise, both adding a few connections and following some pages are nice and simple.

If you have a joined up LinkedIn and utilise it, then it can be a very useful platform for spreading your word.

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About Michael Beech

I have begun a career within Social Media, a field I have great interest in through personal and volunteering use. I now deal with Social Media profiles for clients as well as continually researching relevant content.

I know that Social Media has sizable potential for many businesses to use as a way of conveying their messages and gaining opportunities. It is my job to make sure that a business continually utilises Social Media by actively seeking engagement with an online community.