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TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) Talks started in 1984 and is a not for profit organisation dedicated to spreading Ideas Its remit now expands way beyond technology entertainment & design.

At the core of the TED website are the TED Talks videos, all less than 18 minutes long, and generally presented by excellent speakers. They are both entertaining and inspirational.

As this is one of our last posts before our Summer break, I thought we would leave you with a few of my personal favourite TED talks. You might like to check them out whilst relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

1. How I built a rocket suit

Whilst this is not directly business-related, I think its a great story, and tells us all that sometimes, we should just Go for it, no matter how crazy the idea!

2. Do schools kill creativity?

This is a talk from back in 2006, and whilst things may have changed, I think this is a very relevant talk, and one that really got me thinking the first time I watched it. It also still holds the prize for the most popular Ted Talk ever.

3. The history of our world in 18 minutes

Someone willing to take on that challenge has to be worth listening to. He does a great job too.

4. The secret of great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet

In business, it is common for leaders to surround themselves with people like them. Whilst comfortable, this is not usually the best option. This talk again got me thinking about this and what it might cause us to miss!

5. How great leaders inspire action

Similar ground to number 2. One of the things that technology has brought us is information, and the ability to measure everything. However I have always thought that whilst very useful, this can stifle creativity, stop us doing something because it “feels right”, or going on a gut feeling.

This talk suggests that often great things come from these actions, so maybe we should be more willing to embrace them.

These are some of my favourites. You will find hundreds more Ted talks on a full range of subject at www.ted.com

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