The Three Basic Functions of Marketing

Peter Drucker famously said:

 "Business has only two basic functions - marketing and innovation. "

Putting together out latest podcast had me thinking a lot about design and its place in the marketing mix. And I have come to a conclusion:

Marketing has only 3 basic functions Creativity, Design & Content Generation

In the connected world, if you communicate your company or brand effectively in a way that resonates with your target market, the message will spread.

Delivering this is almost entirely down to the content you create, and the way that content is presented.

Other things impact your success:

  • The ability to meet the expectations you create
  • How you treat your customers
  • The tools you use to communicate your message
  • A business model that allows the process to be sustainable

Are these all important, but without creativity, design & content, success will be much more difficult

Peter Drucker is not suggesting that Innovation & Marketing are the only things you need to create a business. He is suggesting that these are the things that deliver real value & differentiation to the business.

In the same way, I am not suggesting that Creativity, Design & Content are all you need in marketing. Clearly, you also need the tools to communicate your message and the drive to get your message out there. Let’s face it, there is no point in having a truly innovative idea, and then not telling anyone!

Marketing needs to be a comprehensive and joined-up process but, like Peter Drucker’s Innovation & Marketing, it is the Creativity, Design and Content that add real value and meaningful differentiation.

But what about data analysis?

Sometimes it feels the world is dominated by Big Data with the measurement and analysis of pretty much everything.

Yes, understanding your market through knowing the numbers is critical. However, the real value is added by innovation in the way that the data is used, the new insights that this can give, and the creativity in turning this into real marketing value.

Creativity is king

Whilst creativity, design & content generation may be the 3 core functions of Marketing, if I had to pick one, it would be creativity.

In my experience in marketing over the last 30 years, real creativity is rare. There are great designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers, but the ones that really shine are those with the confidence and skill to break the rules & do something completely different. The same is true of wider creativity. Great marketing comes when someone thinks differently about how to engage with their market place.

All the tools needed to turn the idea into reality can be bought, but that original creative idea is priceless.

On that, I will leave you with some thoughts from John Cleese – one of the great creative minds of our time:

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