4 steps to a professional Podcast

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on Podcasting. BSA Marketing now produce a bi-weekly podcast looking at micro business and SME Marketing.

If you have something interesting to say, then podcasting could be a great medium to get it out there. With this in mind and following on from my recent introduction to podcasting, I thought it would be worth putting together a simple 4 step guide to producing a professional podcast.


This is the biggie. Having the right equipment is important if you want your podcast to sound professional. But whether anyone will listen to it is down to what you have to say, and how you say it.

Before diving in, I would recommend going onto iTunes, and listening to a few well established podcasts to learn from them.

Next check out this recent post on our Blog – Podcasting for business In which we go through some of the basics for creating engaging content to promote your business.


A good sounding podcast needs the right equipment, but need not cost the earth. There are loads of articles on the web, covering equipment. Just google “10 best … for podcasting” and you will find plenty of advice. But it can be confusing and often conflicting, so I thought I would simply outline what we use to produce the Marketing Matters podcast.

Microphones – We use a mix of Sure SM57 & SM58 mics. Our favourite is the SM58, as it incorporates a pop shield so simplifies things a little. But both are great mics for the task. The SM58 comes in at around £85 new and can be picked up second hand on e-bay for around £50.

Recording Device – In my experience, this was the tricky one, as there are so many options. Digital recorder, USB mixing dsesk, USB audio interface, the list goes on. Deciding which to go for was a challenge. In the end we went for a Zoom H6 digital recorder. This will accept 4 channels out of the box, and is expandable to 6 channels. It is compatible with both condenser and dynamic mics (SM58 are dynamic), and can either be used stand alone, recording onto SD card, or as an audio interface into a PC Mac or Ipad (Be aware, ipad is limited to 2 channels).

We went for this solution, primarily because it allows recording of all channels independently, so if you have multiple presenters in your podcast, you can record them separately, giving much more flexibility in the editing/mixing process. The H6 comes in at around £260, but again can be picked up for less on Ebay.

Whilst you can pick up a USB 12 channel mixer for significantly less than this, with a mixer, the podcast has to be mixed live, and output as a stereo mix to USB, thus giving much less flexibility when it comes to editing.

Editing – The final part of the process is to adit the recordings into the final podcast. For this we use the Free Open Source program Audacity . Whilst the Zoom is bundled with both Cuase LE and Wavelab LE, in our experience Audacity does a great Job.


Once you have your podcast as a digital audio file, the next step is to publish it. Again, there are many options for this, but we went for Soundcloud. It’s well know & supported, and it’s free to use. It’s simply a case of opening an account, uploading your files and making it public.

You can check out out The Marketing Matters podcast on Soundcloud here


Once you have published your podcast you need to submit it to podcasting libraries so that people can find it. Again the options are endless here. To get started, we recommend submitting your podcast feed to Stitcher and iTunes

In both cases, you will need to apply for a listing, and wait to (Hopefully) be approved before your listing will show up on podcasting sites

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