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I am sure all of you will be familiar with the concept of podcasting, and many, I am sure will be regular podcast subscribers, but have you ever considered podcasting as a marketing medium?

You are an expert in your field

If you are selling your services as a professional in your field, selling products ink a particular niche, then you are likely to be an expert in that field. Furthermore, a key aim of your marketing should be to communicate that expertise to the market.

To date, we have used and advocated the written word and images in the form of email, social media and to perform this task. But in reality, the written word is only one of the available media.

One of the first verbal media that people consider is video, but in our experience, when dõne well, video is expensive and time-consuming. Whilst it has a place on the marketing mix, delivering video content in the volume demanded by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a challenge.

Enter the Podcast.

Podcasts have two key advantages over video

  1. They are less complex and less time consuming to produce
  2. Like radio, they do not demand the listeners’ total attention, they can be “consumed” whilst doing other things

5 Podcasting Tips

With this in mind, here are 5 tips to get you started in Podcasting:

1. Focus on your expertise – Expertise is cited as one of the key factors in a successful podcast. As communicating your expertise is a primary objective of your marketing, this should not be difficult. Ultimately the aim of your podcast should be to share your knowledge and expertise with your listeners.

2. Keep it conversational – Listen to any good podcast, and it is a conversation rather than a monologue. The usual format is 2 or 3 people “chatting” on the given subject. The team is often made up of a couple of core presenters, with regular invited guests (see below). In reality, the really engaging podcasts are so because of the chemistry between the presenters.

3. Don’t be afraid of Guests – Guests on podcasts are a great addition. They add variety from episode to episode, they also give you a great opportunity to engage with others in your industry and build relationships. Guests can also bring more specific expertise to a subject.

4. Get the right equipment – Like anything, professionalism is much easier with the right tools. A good microphone (Ideally 1 per presenter) a small mixing desk, and a multi-track recording device are a minimum. They need not be expensive, and the entire kit can be picked up for less than a couple of hundred pounds on eBay, or maybe £500 if you want to buy new. For the actual recording, we use an iPad app DAW Multitrack costing around £25.

The final production and mixing can be done using Audacity – a great, free open source sound editing package.

5. Commit – As with any marketing, it gets better and more effective with time. Just doing a single podcast is, from a marketing perspective, of limited value. To be effective, it needs to be a regular sustainable, event.

Publishing your podcast

So you know have your finely crafted podcast as an MP3 audio file. How do you make it available to the public?

There are 2 simple steps to this process:

  1. Publish it online – There are many services that allow you to do this, but the one we use is Soundcloud. It’s well known & supported, and it’s free to use. It’s simply a case of opening an account, uploading your files and making it public.
  2. Submit your feed to one of the podcasting directories. There are many of these out there, and there is nothing to stop you submitting it to multiple directories. To get you started, here is a list of some of the main ones

The Marketing Matters Podcast

Recently, BSA has been hosting a monthly Business Hour on Tameside Radio. The interest in this has encouraged us to take the leap into podcasting. The Marketing Matters podcast aims to be a down to earth, chat about issues affecting SME owner managed businesses, focusing, of course, on Marketing.

Episode 1 is now available. Have a listen, and let us know what you think.

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As a member of the CIM, and as a Chartered Marketer, Duncan has the marketing knowledge to come up with relevant and innovative marketing strategies for clients, whilst at the same time possessing the technical knowledge to turn these strategies into relevant and sustainable marketing campaigns in the real world.

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