Why WordPress?

WordPress-Question-Mark-CLEAR-400x225-WEB-PNG9-NOINFAnyone who has had a conversation about websites with us at BSA will know we are big advocates of WordPress.

Of course, there are many other platforms and approaches to building websites, such as raw coding or point and click web-based applications (e.g. Wix). Over the years, we have explored a whole host of them, so why all the fuss about WordPress? In a word:


For both the developer and the end user, the functionality when using WordPress is great. Websites are designed from the ground up and also allow them to be updated, added to and evolved (a very important factor- which you can read about here.)

Further to this is the extensive developer base, which is regularly updating the platform and often extending flexible functionality. This results in a tool that is more than just a website builder. It gives you something that can really add value to your business.

The attractions:

  • A website that flexible and easy to add to.
  • Full control over the layout and design
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation (Google & WordPress work well together)
  • Easy to add new content.
  • WordPress is constantly being updated & developed to keep up with the latest web technologies
  • A website that is dynamic which can change & develop with your business

Whether you want a brand new website or simply wish to improve an existing website, WordPress can help. Over the last few years, BSA have delivered some great WordPress websites for our clients. To view a showcase of websites we have helped bring to the internet, click here.

For more information on how BSA can help you build a WordPress website or develop an existing website, click here.

Finally, here are some rather impressive WordPress statistics.

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