Marketing on a Shoestring

In partnership with the Business Link, BSA Marketing are holding a free 1/2 day workshop in Glossop, entitled “Marketing on a Shoestring”. The seminar is a must for anyone tasked with marketing their organisation and who has a limited budget with which to achieve their goals. Full details of the seminar including booking details are available here

Another Nail in the Coffin of Ranking Reports?

I read an article today in WebPro News regarding an experiment Google are running to allow users to specify the sites they want to prioritise in their searches. Read the full article here. From an SEO perspective this means that different people will see different results thus making the traditional ranking report obsolete. From a marketing perspective it simply moves the priorities back to marketing. If you have good content on your site, people will list them as preferred, and a good message will get you onto more mainstream sites & blogs that people are already reading. Thus ultimately, the way to measure success is “Are people visiting your site and buying from you”. Now that is true ROI.

Grants Available for Web Marketing

As an approved supplier to the East Midlands Business Link (amongst others) BSA Marketing has access to a number of grants for marketing activity. One such Grant is the Business Transformation Grant from the East Midlands Development Agency. You will find details here. Also, watch this space or subscribe to our rss feed to be kept up to date with new grants as we identify them.

BSA Launch on Facebook

We are currently watching Facebook and other social networking sites carefully, as they would seem to offer significant potential for highly targeted advertising. As part of this, we have launched a company page on Facebook (you will need to be logged into Facebook to view this link). Alternatively log onto Facebook & search for “BSA Marketing”. Take a look, and if you want to be kept updated about the potential of adverising on Facebook, become a fan of the page & we will keep you posted.

Interacting with your marketplace

I saw this post on UK business forums, and although the thread is about light bulb moments & how people came up with business ideas, I though it also gives an interesting insight into how people interact with their marketplace. So I thought I would share it How did you come up with your business idea? – UK business forum thread