Google adds "visual context" to Analytics

We are always extolling the virtues of Google analytics, and one reason is that Google are continually developing it to make it easier to interpret the data. Their New feature “In page analytics is just such a development. The feature, which can be found under the “Content” menu allows you to view analytics data overlaid on the relevant page of your site, making it much easier to interpret. A recent blog post from Econsultancy website is a great overview of the new feature. You will find the blog post here:

Get your business onto Google maps

One question that cropped up on numerous occasions during our recent Marketing Seminars was “How do I get my business listed on Google Maps”. So I thought it might be worth adding a quick tutorial to the blog: The process is quite simple, especially if you already have a Google account. Assuming that you do, there are 2 ways to handle this:

  1. If you can already see a basic listing for your business when you do a search on Google maps:
    • Click on the “More” link in the details bubble, and select “Edit Details”
    • After a few more clicks, you should arrive at a page where you can edit the company information, and accurately place the marker (you will need to be signed into your Google account to do this)
    • Once you have completed your edits, click submit
    • You will now be presented with a verification page, where you will be given a number of options as to how to verify your ownership of the listing. (note that if you have just claimed the listing, this verification process will probably be by post)
    • Assuming that you are given the option, click “verify by phone”, and you will receive an automated call from Google with a 5 digit pin number.
    • Enter this number into the box provided and you are done.
    • Your listing will appear a short time later.
  2. If you cannot find a listing on Google, then log into your Google account, and select “Google Places” from the main accounts page. (alternatively, point your browser at
    • You can then click the add business link, and enter your company details into the relevant fields.
    • Select your country, and enter the phone number of the business you would like to add.
    • If Google has your details in its database, then it will present these for you to edit. Alternatively it will present you with a blank entry page.
    • Once you click Submit, you will then be taken through the verification process outlined above (from point 4)

The process is pretty straight forward, and shouldn’t take mare that 10 minutes to complete.