Is your website collaborative? The ideal fusion of content management and functionality development

  • “I want to update my website but I can’t get hold of my web developer…..”
  • “My web developer asks for £30 or more for the smallest change on my site…..”
  • “I can change things on my website but my options are too limited…..”

A collaborative website deals with these issues by enabling website owners to do the regular, day-to-day updates easily and quickly themselves while the design structure of the site allows the addition of unlimited functionality – with professional web-development support as required. With a collaborative website:

  • You control day-to-day updates
  • System design allows enhanced functionality to be added quickly and easily – with help from your developer if necessary
  • Site is designed from the ground-up for inherent SEO effectiveness
  • Sites can be re-skinned with a whole new look without impacting the underlying functionality
  • Your site evolves with your business

With the exception of specialist e-commerce companies, many businesses launched their website essentially as an on-line brochure, perhaps with an interactive enquiry form but they soon realised that (as with printed brochures) things go out of date very quickly! This is where the problems can start as it is only now that you start to recognise that your website is NOT just an electronic brochure but has the potential to be so much more, if only you know how! Many web developers rely on their clients coming back for regular changes and updates but this does not always represent good value for the customer, either in the cost of making the changes or in the time it can take. Too often, companies are reluctant to update their site as often as the should because they resent the cost and time hassle. The idea of  a fully content-managed site where you can (in theory!) control everything might seem appealing but the problem is the cost of setting it up in the first place – often only to find you never really use anything other than the most basic elements because complex changes only happen infrequently and you can never remember how to do them! Open Source web technologies such as WordPress allow collaberative websites to be built quickly, easily and inexpensively. With these sites you can manage day to date updates and additions of text, images, pages -and more – easily, in house and the inherent flexibility of the technology means that if you need the support of your web developer, they can step in only when you need them. It is even possible to take your existing site and convert it into a collaberative site at a cost much lower than you might think. BSA Marketing are specialists in developing and supporting collaborative websites and integrated marketing programmes with clients who are seeing real benefits with ease of use, flexibility, cost effectiveness and real marketing power. If you would like to investigate converting your site to WordPress, get in touch. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities

Introduction to Social Networking Marketing

Business link have produced a useful introduction to Social Network Marketing which includes a brief description of the 3 main networks (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook), along with tips on how to (and not to!) use them to market your business. You can download the pdf from the Business Link website here. My thanks to Richard Nash at the Tameside Business Family for bringing this to my attention.  

WordPress and SEO

We are increasingly using WordPress as a web publishing tool, as it allows the creation of highly featured, flexible websites, which are fully content managed. One question we are regularly asked is “How well do WordPress sites perform on Search Engines?”. The simple answer is “very well”. WordPress has been recognised as an SEO friendly platform right from its inception. However rather than taking my word for it, here is a presentation by Matt Cutts (SEO Guru at Google), where he talks about SEO and Why Google Loves WordPress. If you would like to investigate converting your site to WordPress, get in touch, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Firefox 4 Issues – Remote XUL no longer supported by default

I know we do not normally give technical tips on this blog, but we have had a couple of calls from clients today, who have upgraded to Firefox V4, and are having some issues. As these issues were easily solved, I thought I would share the solution. The issue has arisen that when trying to access some websites (most common seems to be webmail systems). This results in an error: “Remote XUL. this page uses an unsupported technology that is no longer available by default in Firefox” Fixing this issue is pretty straightforward, and just involves installing an add-on and making a minor configuration change. The add-on can be found via the link below: Once the add-on is installed, you simply need to white list the domain you are trying to access: Orange Firefox button (top Left) -> Web Developer -> Remote XUL Manager Add the domain you are trying to access to the white list, restart Firefox & you should be good to go again. In future if the issue arises again, you will just need to the add additional domains to the white list.