Why you need to forget customers and focus on fans!!

Stop trying to attract customers, and start focusing on making your offering attractive to your marketplace.

Or so the author of a post I recently found on the web believes. You can read the full post via the link below!

Why you need to forget customers and focus on fans

It’s a subtle difference maybe, but one which can completely change your marketing approach.

Although I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment, I hope he is being a bit extreme in his views to make a point. Customers (people who buy from you) are vital to the success of a business, Apple’s huge fan base would be commercially useless if none of them bought any Apple products!!

But turning people into customers when they are fans is a much easier process. Focus on turning people into fans, and make it easy for them to buy your products or services, and the process of them becoming customers will take care of itself!

Obviously part of this process is communicating your message, but the web offers some great tools through websites, email, social networking, blogging, and if you get the offering & message right, word of mouth (probably the most valuable marketing tool!!).

If you read this & think “That’s it, but where do I go from here” give us a call, we would be happy to talk, and we may be able to secure some grant funding to get the ball rolling.