The power of Web Marketing – A real world example

At BSA Marketing – We are always advocating the use of Web marketing, but I recently came across a real world example where a company’s approach to marketing on the web directly influenced their business. Picture the scene: It 7pm on a Friday night, and you decide to go out for a meal. You know where you want to go, but want to book a table & don’t know the phone number: Enter Google maps – do a search. Nothing… Try Google search… …….It comes up with a number but its an old one, so no joy there either. At this point you change tack & think “OK, I don’t want to risk it, so where else can I go”; Back to Google maps, you do a search for Restaurants, and up comes an Italian that you know is pretty good. Two more clicks & you are talking to them & the table is booked. That restaurant who had got their web marketing right got my business that night!! (and it was a very good meal). The Italian restaurant was Va Bene in Glossop, Derbyshire if you are interested.