Facebook put a Value on a Fan

A recent piece of research done by Syncapse (a social media management company) claims to have put a value on a Facebook fan, and that value is $136.38 (£84.95 at today’s exchange rate). Although I am not sure that the research was 100% scientific, it looked at 20 brand communities, and considered 5 primary factors that add value to a brand, including: 1) Product Spending, 2) Brand Loyalty, 3) Propensity to Recommend, 4) Brand Affinity, and 5) Earned Media Value. to measure the value of a fan. You can read more about this research here

Tweeters beware

As Twitter takes off as a marketing tool, there is always the temptation to find the most followed hashtag of the moment & start inserting it your marketing to get it into the top feeds. If you are tempted to do this, stop, think, read this article on e-consultancy, then don’t do it!!! We have always said that keeping your marketing messages relevant & targeted should be at the top of your objectives. I think this story is a good example of why this is true!!

Digital Marketing Seminar Series – Tameside

Tameside is recognised as one of the most enterprising areas in the country, and over the last 3 months we have had a glimpse of why this is. Since November last year we have run a series on digital marketing in partnership with the Tameside Business Family. Attended by over 40 people, the series aimed to take a hands-on approach to digital marketing, and hopefully those who attended the seminars are now equipped to make the most of the digital marketing opportunities out there. In brief the series covered:

The series is running again starting later this month on 17th Feb, and can be booked via the Tameside Business Family website.