Are you engaging your audience with your marketing?

Email marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool in both Business to Business & Business to Consumer marketing. One key benefit of this channel of communication is the feedback you receive. With most offline marketing, you only get feedback if someone actively gets in touch, either with an enquiry or for some other reason. With email, you can track how people interact with your marketing, even where they don’t go as far as making an enquiry. Although it is important to protect people’s privacy, and respect the fact that an individual did not choose to contact you directly, you can learn a great deal from email campaigns as to how your target market has engaged with your marketing and use this information to actively steer future campaigns and strategy. While I was reviewing this topic, I found a white paper on the internet which discussed it in great detail. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought it would be worth sharing it with you. You can download the white paper here. (Be warned though, it is quite a big file at almost 6 Mb). I found the paper at – I certainly don’t want to be accused of plagiarism!!